Joseph A. Beiler, MS, RN, ACNS-BC, Adjunct Faculty for Concordia School of Nursing traditional undergraduate program, was recently featured as a presenter at the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists conference.

The annual conference of the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) was held March 10-13, 2020. This special 25th anniversary event Transforming Health Care: Our Past, Our Present, Our Future! was held at the Indianapolis Marriott, March 10-13, 2020.

Joe is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Froedtert Center for Advanced Care (CFAC) in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, and has been in the CNS role since 2010.  Additionally, he has been the Chair of Froedtert’s Pressure Injury Domain team for the past two years.

Joe’s break-out session, “Transforming a Culture through Collaboration, Engagement and Ownership to Reduce Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries,” was presented on March 11 to a group of his peers – approximately 40 individuals. The focus of the presentation was his journey in collaborating with many disciplines, and leading a project designed to reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries.  In the course of a year, the team was able to reduce the number of coded pressure injuries by three-fold, and the number of event reports nearly in half.  The presentation focused on accountability and engagement of front line staff to eliminate barriers to implementing best practices.  The presentation content was enthusiastically received by session participants.

Other highlights of the program included the technology that was used during the project, such as a web-based program to capture observations of utilizing best practice bundles. This was done in order to provide feedback to staff regarding the levels of their compliance. The use of best practice bundles provided consistent communication with clear data for both unit leadership and staff.

Joe has been a highly regarded Adjunct Clinical Instructor for Concordia University School of Nursing for the past 3 years. He teaches senior student groups in their final clinical on his unit at Froedtert, 11CFAC. The focus of this unit is acute care of vascular and general surgery patients. Additionally, Joe willingly shares his knowledge of working with students to mentor new clinical instructors. We are honored to have his expertise as part of our teaching team.

Congratulations from all of us, Joe, on this professional accomplishment, and thank you for your exemplary teaching to advance nursing education, and prepare the workforce of the future.

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