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Are you thinking about earning an accelerated bachelor's in communications and leadership?

Earn your accelerated bachelor’s in communication and leadership

Concordia’s accelerated BA in communication and leadership will prepare you to lead ethically in a complex and diverse world. This program will help you take your next step as a leader. Additionally, it will equip you with the tools you need to positively impact your organization. Upon completion of this program, you’ll understand how to lead with empathy and motivate your team to accomplish their work effectively.

Program director Dr. Brian Gunderson answered some questions about the program. Learn more about the accelerated BA in communication and leadership by reading below.


Communication and leadership program director Dr. Brian Gunderson
Dr. Brian Gunderson

What does the accelerated bachelor’s in communication and leadership offer students?

The Bachelor’s in Communication and Leadership is a good fit for students who might have started a bachelor’s program in the past, but didn’t finish and want to finish out their degree. Perhaps they find themselves in the workforce and are seeking to complete their degree. They’re probably focused on building in-demand skills and interested in a faith-based degree rooted in the liberal arts.


Who should consider this program?

The program is ideal for anyone who is looking to complete a bachelor’s degree.  Our program is extremely flexible, fully online, and courses run in 8-week sections throughout the year. We have a wonderful team that works closely with our department to ensure students receive credit for prior learning. Also, we are a small and dynamic enough program to offer the courses that busy, working adults need.

Students will get a solid foundation that spans the diversity of our university’s disciplines that is unrivaled at CUWAA. They’re taking courses in history, communications, psychology, mathematics, business, multicultural studies, and English. Students will leave our program with a solid foundation in the liberal arts, focused on in-demand skills. These skills are directly applicable to their daily lives, complete with a holistic, faith-based preparation.


Why are you passionate about communication and leadership?

Communication is a pathway that helps span borders between peoples and cultures. Servant leadership and multicultural leadership are two core approaches we teach in this program. This helps prepare students to serve others through leadership roles. Also, students learn how to build equity and support for their teams. I’m passionate about this approach to leadership. It enables our students to live out Concordia’s mission of service to Christ in the Church and the world, particularly, through our vocations of serving our neighbors.


What advice could you give someone who is considering going back to school?

I recommend to prospective students to have a conversation with faculty, family, and their employers prior to beginning this course of study.  As a father and husband who has spent many years as a student, having your family there to support you is first and foremost for me.  I think it can be extremely helpful to have a conversation with faculty about why they think a person should study a program they offer.  This may help in understanding how transfer credits will work, what the program may be like, but also how the approach a school like CUW can make in your life is crucial to hear in deciding about where to go back to school to complete a program.

Concordia offers a unique, faith-based approach to our programs. We bring a holistic approach to every class we offer our students. We challenge our students academically, but also have the chance to grow spiritually with us in ways that they may not find at other universities.  I would let students know that beyond talk of universities and institutions, Concordia is a community of folks whose calling it is to ensure their success and wellbeing.  Lastly, I would recommend having a conversation with their employers.  There may be funds, scholarships, or benefits their companies may offer to those who are willing to obtain their bachelor’s degree. Also, all pathways to aid and funds should be explored prior to returning to college.


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