During February we celebrate Black History Month. While Black history should be incorporated into year-round learning for students, this month provides an opportunity to dig deeper and celebrate the accomplishments of Black pioneers and trailblazers!

Reading is powerful and telling stories are even more so. As an educator, reading aloud is one way to engage students with content from Black authors and illustrators. Here are some titles to include in your celebration for Black History Month:

The Electric Slide and Kai

By Kelly J. Baptist, illustrated by Darnell Johnson
Kai’s aunt is getting married, and everyone in the Donovan family is excited about the wedding … except Kai. More than anything, he wants to prove that he can boogie with the rest of his family, but can he break through his nerves and break it down on the dance floor?

Marvelous Mabel: Figure Skating Superstar

By Crystal Hubbard, illustrated by Alleanna Harris
A captivating journey into the history of one of the world’s unsung heroes of American Figure Skating.

Sunday Shopping

By Sally Derby Miller, illustrated by Shadra Strickland
Every Sunday night a young girl and her grandmother go on an imaginary shopping trip in this delightful picture book.

Saving the Day: Garrett Morgan’s Life Changing Invention of the Traffic Signal

By Karyn Parsons, illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
This book tells a little-known story about a man whose talent would be a gift to the world.

Mae Among the Stars

By Roda Ahmed, illustrated by Stasia Burrington
Mae Jemison was the first African-American woman in space, and this book shares her dreams as a child, her hard work and ultimately, her success in and out of space.

Ron’s Big Mission

By Rose Blue and Corrine Naded, illustrated by Don Tate
This book shares the accomplishments of Ronald McNair, an American physicist and NASA astronaut who died during the Space Shuttle Challenger launch, and the lesser-known story of how he helped integrate a library as a kid.

More Than Peach

By Bellen Woodard, illustrated by Fanny Liem
This picture book spreads 11 year old Bellen’s message of inclusivity, empowerment, and the importance of inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about Black History Month here.