Welcome to the vibrant world of the Concordia University Wisconsin School of Education, where our adjuncts stand as pillars of inspiration and knowledge.

Our adjunct faculty members are not just educators; they are mentors, coaches, and guides on the path to becoming extraordinary teachers. Our adjuncts infuse our programs with faith, experience, and a passion for shaping the future of education. In this blog, we invite you to explore the stories and contributions of some of our remarkable adjuncts who bring learning to life in our learning environments.

Let’s delve into the insights shared by our dedicated adjunct faculty members:

Professor Jennifer Clemens: Sharing Faith and Expertise

Courses Taught: “I am an Adjunct in the CAPTL Special Education Program. I currently teach EDC 6428 Foundational Reading and Literacy Strategies. I have been a part of the program since it started in 2017. I also grade Portfolios and I have been a University Supervisor for student teachers.”

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

 “I love sharing the love of Jesus with future teachers and helping professionals to see the teaching profession through the lens of a Christian. I feel that God has blessed me with experiences and ideas that I feel I should share with others. I currently teach 3rd grade at a Lutheran grade school, and I used to teach for Lutheran Special School and Educational Services (now Journeys Lutheran School) out of Milwaukee.”

Dr. Julieane Cook: Inspiring Diversity and Growth

Courses Taught: EDC 5420 Teaching Diverse Students, Families, and Classrooms

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I see the opportunity to teach in a Christian environment like Concordia as a great responsibility to help influence the future workforce positively, fostering an environment of growth and faith.

“I work in a Christian school network (Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative – LUMIN) that serves students in small private schools across Milwaukee and Racine. Our schools are in neighborhoods that might not have an option for a free, Christian education. I have served in various teaching and leadership roles.”  Dr. Cook currently serves as Vice President and Chief Talent Officer for LUMIN schools. 

Professor Megan Dills: Fostering Authentic Teaching Experiences

Courses Taught: “This last summer I had the chance to teach ED 1103 Human Relations for Teachers, in a cooperative effort between Concordia University and the Center for Urban Teaching (CfUT) Summer School Internship.”

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“Teaching at CUW is particularly special to me because I attended Lutheran grade school and high school and completed my undergraduate degree at Concordia Wisconsin. I realize the impact that great teachers had on me and want to provide that for others. Future teacher development is particularly exciting to me because I want to help set them up for success for their first year and to best serve their students. By providing authentic experiences early in teaching careers, future teachers can develop in their practice!

“Currently, I serve as a talent coach and recruiter for a Christian, non-profit, The Center for Urban Teaching. After completing my master’s, I began coaching teachers in grades K4-12th grade. We work to identify future teachers, prepare them through our internship program and coach them once we help place them in the field. I also work part-time for Concordia as a Cheerleading coach. Go Falcons!”

Dr. Sarah Elliott: Embracing the Blessing of Lutheran Education

Courses Taught: ED 1103 – Human Relations for Teachers

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I love Lutheran schools! I was blessed to work at my church’s Lutheran school in their after-school program when I was in high school. I was blessed to attend a Lutheran university (Concordia University in Portland). I was blessed to lead chapels at a local Lutheran school when I was a DCE (Director of Christian Education). I was blessed to teach at a Lutheran high school and a K-8 Lutheran school in Washington state. And now, I am especially blessed to serve at Trinity Lutheran School alongside a great team of other Lutheran educators. Our family has been blessed that our son attended Lutheran schools from Pre-K through 8th grade! I LOVE LUTHERAN SCHOOLS! I love that I get to share the love of Jesus with my students and their families every day in and through our classroom activities. What a blessing Lutheran schools are! As we engage through the coursework at Concordia, I pray that our students experience this blessing too!

“I am a middle school teacher at Trinity Lutheran School in Kalispell, Montana. I am currently serving as an 8th grade homeroom and middle school science teacher. This is my 20th year in Christian education.”

Professor Cecilia Holley-Young: Nurturing Potential Through Service

Courses Taught: ED 4501 to ED 4506 Clinical Field Experience courses

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I have worked at Concordia University for over 20 years. I’ve worked in Graduate Counseling, Educational Leadership, Psychology, and currently in the online bachelor’s programs. I am blessed to work with such outstanding staff and students. Concordia University is a special place to work; it is Christ-Centered, and we help our students to grow to their fullest potential.

“I also work in Family Advocacy at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Hospital in Alaska, working with men and women in our military who are victims of domestic abuse or violence. It is such a rewarding experience to serve others in that capacity.”

Dr. Laurie Pogorzelski: A Visionary Leader in Education

Courses Taught: ED 1275 Human Learning, EDG 6100 Leadership in Admin/Culture of Change, EDG 6120 Teach and Lead for Assessment, ED 4507 Clinical Field Experience 7, and I advise CAPTL Capstone students.

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I enjoy teaching at Concordia for a variety of reasons. As an educator all my professional life, I am passionate about education. Being a part of a university that values high standards of education is fulfilling. The instructional environment at CUW is supportive, and faculty are encouraged to explore and implement innovative teaching practices that engage students. The enthusiasm and commitment of students makes the faculty experience rewarding and highly enjoyable.

“I have been an Elementary School Principal for 15 years. I have also served as a Director of Data and Assessment and a Director of K-12 Teaching and Learning. I earned my Undergraduate Degree from Mount Mary College and my master’s degree from Cardinal Stritch.”  Dr. Pogorzelski is a Fall 2021 graduate of Concordia’s Doctor of Education program.

Professor Jennifer Trewyn: Guiding Future Educators with Experience

Courses Taught: ED 4308 Curriculum and Methods in STEM, EDC 5440 Curriculum and Methods: STEAM

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I can share my knowledge and experience with future teachers in a college that aligns with my faith. I teach 6th grade science at Karcher Middle School in Burlington. I have been a teacher for almost 30 years. In addition to science, I have loved my experiences of teaching reading, math, and social studies.”

Professor Jodi Tucker: Nurturing Students with Experience and Faith

Courses Taught: ED2204 The Art and Science of Reading and MATH 120 Data & Space: Teaching Pre-K-9

What makes Concordia special to you?  Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“As a graduate of one of our synodical colleges, I am grateful for this opportunity to mentor and support the wide range of students we have pursuing degrees in education. They learn and grow so much during the short eight weeks we have together! Beyond the content we cover, it is an even greater privilege to be able to come alongside students to offer words of encouragement and pray with them during a time of need. Their dedication, creativity, and passion inspire me every day! I am currently living in Lakeland, Florida, where I teach at St. Paul Lutheran School. After teaching over 20 years in the elementary grades, I have found teaching middle schoolers to be a whole new adventure!”

Dr. Benjamin Washburn: Integrating Faith and Education

Courses Taught: ED 1275 – Human Learning, ED 4301 – Data Driven Analysis, ED 4302 Collaborating with Families and Community Members

What makes Concordia special to you? Outside of Concordia, what role(s) do you have in the world of education?

“I enjoy teaching at a Lutheran school where I can openly incorporate my Christian worldview with the students that I teach.  I am the principal at Peace Lutheran School in Hartford, Wisconsin.” Dr. Washburn is a Spring 2023 graduate of Concordia’s Doctor of Education program. 


As we conclude this journey through the lives and experiences of our adjuncts, we are reminded of the profound impact they have on our School of Education and its aspiring teachers. Their unwavering dedication, diverse backgrounds, and boundless enthusiasm enrich the learning environment at Concordia University. Together, they form the heartbeat of our educational community, nurturing a culture of excellence, compassion, and faith. We extend our deepest gratitude to our adjuncts for their invaluable contributions and unwavering commitment to shaping the future of education.

Dr. Adam Paape is a professor of education and the assistant dean of the School of Education for Concordia University Wisconsin.

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