Campus ministry updateLast spring’s Stomp the Courtyard was moved inside due to inclement weather, but it didn’t put a damper on the fun. Lindsey Bengsch (left) and Kat Hovland enjoy a sweet treat in the midst of the activity.

This letter, written by Campus Pastor Rev. Steve Smith, first appeared in the fall 2018 issue of the Concordian, the official magazine of Concordia University Wisconsin.

We have three courtyards on Concordia University Wisconsin’s campus. There’s the President’s Courtyard, an idyllic little place enclosed by some of CUW’s most trafficked hallways, and Regents’ Courtyard, a somewhat amorphous and undefined space.

Then there’s the Chapel Courtyard—the one you see when you come onto the main entrance of campus; the one where the statue of Martin Luther greets you as you enter; the one lined by hammocks hung from trees on nice spring days; the one where you can actually gather a large group. And that’s the one we stomp!

The annual Campus Ministry-hosted Stomp the Courtyard event for Concordia’s student body derives its name from a movie title, the 2007 movie “Stomp the Yard.” About the only thing the event has in common with the movie, however, is that both take place at a college. Mostly, when Stomp the Courtyard began in 2011, the movie title served as a catchy name that students quickly connected with a big event. In our case, a few hours filled with a hog roast, inflatables, music, fellowship, and fun.

Why the celebration? Largely we celebrate the opportunity to serve God. It’s an entire-campus celebration of all the ministry that takes place throughout the year—all of the service in Milwaukee and on mission trips near and far; all of the events for youth and children; all of the worship and study of God’s Word; the retreats and everything.

Its occurrence in the Chapel Courtyard is as if the joy of our faith just can’t be contained in the chapel but spills out onto our beautiful campus. To try to condense all that we’re trying to celebrate and thank God for—this place to know His saving love and forgiveness each day, and the opportunities to share it with others—makes for a great day. One day in one of Concordia’s great courtyards to give just a taste of the joy of everlasting days in God’s heavenly courts.

The above photo is courtesy of Lauren Gieschen. 

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