Hi, Concordia Health Plan members:

Great news! A biometric screening event is coming to Concordia University Wisconsin in September! Concordia’s leadership, as well as your Wellness Champion, are proud to be bringing a health event like this to our ministry. These types of events bring attention to our health risks. Knowing our whole health picture helps us to understand how best to take care of ourselves…so we may Be Well and then Serve Well.

A biometric screening event will be held on Sept. 22, 2021 between 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. A biometric screening is a health assessment that identifies potential health risks. The onsite screening is done by LabCorp Employer Services (LES) in partnership with Vitality and includes a measure of:

  • height & weight ratio (BMI)
  • waist circumference
  • blood pressure
  • triglycerides
  • total, HDL and LDL cholesterol levels
  • blood sugar level

This event is available to Concordia Health Plan members and enrolled spouse (also in the Concordia Health Plan).

To participate in this free health screening event, you must be registered with Vitality. Don’t worry – if you haven’t registered for Vitality it’s not too late. Here is a quick video to show you how to get started.


If you’ve already registered for Vitality, you are ready to schedule your screening appointment. To schedule your onsite biometric screening, follow the steps below.

  • Login to the Vitality website at powerofvitality.com
  • Click Health Profile > Vitality Check > Schedule your Vitality Check with LabCorp Employer Services
  • When scheduling your Vitality Check for the first time, you’ll be asked to complete a quick, one-time registration form before being directed to online scheduler.
  • Navigate to the Onsite Screening card and select ‘Continue’
  • Consent to the parameters of your health screening by checking ‘I Agree’ and clicking ‘Save’
  • Search by Location or Date
  • Once you have found the correct location choose a time slot of your choice and click ‘schedule appointment’ to the right of the page.

Great job! You are now scheduled for the onsite biometric screening.  Shortly after scheduling your appointment you’ll receive an email from LES Notifications: noreply@labcorpemployerservices.com with an option to add your chosen time slot to your Outlook calendar.  Congratulations on taking this important first step to learn more about your health and towards receiving Vitality reward points along the way.

For login and registration support or assistance scheduling your screening appointment, please contact Vitality at wellness@powerofvitality.com or (877) 224-7117.

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