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With eight full days of jam-packed fun, MBA students not only got to enjoy the sights of London, England, but were also afforded the opportunity to enhance their educational experience.  

Of course, students looked forward to exploring London, but the educational goal of the trip was to grasp an understanding of world economics.  

Dr. Scott Niederjohn, Professor of Economics and Director of the Free Enterprise Center, taught the 8-week course. 

The class met one night a week while the group was abroad and focused on the culture, business, and economics of London. 

Dr. Niederjohn said that he had been to London many times, which helped when it came to keeping all 22 students together throughout the city. “Although that didn’t make it any less stressful,” he joked.  

He had nothing but great things to say about their time in London. This was the first time that the department has taken the trip and Dr. Niederjohn believes that it was overall a great success.  

He said that he defined the success of the trip by hearing about how much the students enjoyed the experience from both a cultural and educational standpoint.  

MBA student Jessica Anderson also had plenty of great things to say about the trip:  

“If I were to document everything I learned on this trip, I think it would take me weeks,” she said.  

She continued, “Every event we attended had purpose and provided another glimpse into different worldviews.” 

The itinerary included tours of corporate offices including Lionsgate, Lloyd’s of London, and Goldman Sachs.  

Anderson explained that Goldman Sachs is the world’s largest investment firm and that they were able to meet with a Goldman Sachs employee who provided them with inside information to help on their own educational and employment journey.  

Students were also able to meet with entrepreneurs who discussed what it was like in their industries. 

Other experiences that the students were able to partake in included a day at Wimbledon, a play in the West End, and so much more.  

Dr. Niederjohn said that one of the activities that was a big hit with the students was traditional English afternoon tea. 

The students were placed into groups to work on presentations throughout the entire semester. Senior Emma Druckmiller worked in a group whose topic was tourism in London’s economy.  

She said that although the day of their presentation in Cambridge was very nerve-wracking, it was also one of her favorite days.  

Not only did students get to learn about business and economics, they also had an exciting opportunity to learn about the culture of England. 

The trip left Anderson thirsty for more knowledge despite the gratification she felt from her time in London.  

She said she feels satisfied with what she has learned but returned to the States with a newfound interest in world history and economics. 

Because of the trip, students were also able to grow closer with each other. 

Anderson said, “We experienced a truly life-changing educational opportunity and every person on the trip shares a special place in my heart because of it.” 

Druckmiller also formed connections that will extend beyond the trip.  

“As a senior, we all have our cliques so it was nice to get to know some of my other classmates,” she said.  

Though the trip was jam-packed full of educational and touristic opportunities, there was time for the students to travel around the city on their own.  

Dr. Niederjohn explained that most mornings were designated to a group activity, but evenings were left open so that everyone was able to find something that they enjoyed. 

Druckmiller said that she rejoiced in getting to tour all different kinds of historical sites. She explained that during her free time she felt like a Londoner, despite never having been out of the U.S. prior. She had to learn how to navigate the streets and the tube and happily reports that she feels like she could truly find her way around London on her own.  

She also said that because of the full schedule she never even had time to feel tired, although she is having trouble catching up on sleep now.  

After a nine-hour flight back from England, Druckmiller is still experiencing jet lag. Despite having trouble getting her energy back, she said that this trip gave her memories that she’ll be able to cherish forever. 

Dr. Niederjohn said that he has received many notes and letters from students thanking him for their incredible experience. Several students have even applied to internships in London as a result of the trip! 

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