Cheaper, faster, and easier is not always a good thing; especially when it comes to education. When it comes to RN to BSN programs, two years is the perfect sweet spot.

Nurses, in particular, need to be sure that the education they receive prepares them adequately for the field. As a nurse, the decisions that you make every day impact people’s lives and health; you need to be armed with both knowledge and experience to make the best decisions possible from day one. 

If you’re exploring RN to BSN programs, the options are endless. Some universities tout programs that get you in and out quickly, others advertise cheap tuition, and some promise both. But year-long programs, or ones even shorter than that, aren’t always better. 

But completing your BSN degree isn’t just another box to check on your way up the nursing ladder; the program you choose will have an impact on your current career and your long-term career trajectory. Choosing a reputable university is of utmost importance to guarantee that you actually get all of the skills and training you need to succeed in whatever setting your nursing career takes you. Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider a two-year RN to BSN program like the one we offer here at Concordia University. 

More knowledge and exposure

Having more time cut out for your learning also gives you a chance to fully soak up all of the knowledge from your classes rather than rushing through each lesson and assignment simply to meet the deadlines. In our program, we also emphasize hands-on learning, provide access to our laboratory, and offer simulated experiences so you can practice what you learn in the classroom to commit it all to both mind and muscle memory. 

Better work-life balance

Often those quick, one-year programs require you to sacrifice even more of your work-life balance and spend every free minute that you have working on assignments or attending class. By spreading out the course load a little more and only taking one class at a time, you’re able to have a healthy work, life, and school balance. Plus, a two-year RN to BSN program doesn’t mean you can’t finish sooner. We allow up to 84 credit transfers, providing the opportunity for some students to finish the program in as little as 18 months.

Focused career planning time

A two-year program also gives you time to better consider what portion of the field you want to go into—are you cut out for the hospital or clinical setting? If hospital—which department do you want to be in? In a two-year program, you get more thorough exposure to the different options, giving you the chance to make an informed decision before you accept a job offer. While this might seem trivial now, it’s important to make sure you’re cut out for the position you choose because compassion fatigue and burnout are all too common in nurses.    

More mentorship

With a more spread out program comes the opportunity to create stronger relationships with professors and instructors you encounter. Whether you choose to take courses online or at our Green Bay or Mequon center, you’ll get to build relationships with faculty who will push to succeed so you leave the program confident and ready for whatever your career brings you next. 

Hear from a graduate

We could talk about the benefits of our program all day, but we want you to hear more about it from someone who has actually worked through it. One of our recent graduates, Brandy Lester, just completed the program and received her diploma in December. Shortly before her graduation, she sat down with us to share a little bit more about her experience studying at Concordia.

Interested in continuing your education at Concordia University? Click here for more information on our BSN completion degree that is offered at our main campus in Mequon, our Green Bay center, and online. 

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