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  Hello everyone! My name is Bella and I’m here to share some honest reviews of restaurants I have been to as well as give some recommendations for your next night out that isn’t too far from campus… but will be worth the drive to eat.

All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

Baseball season is right around the corner and if you are a Milwaukee Brewers fan, you’ll love this restaurant since it is right inside of American Family Field! The J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard overlooks the lush Brewers’ field along with a view of the jumbotron and nearly all of the eyesight distance of seats for the ball game. 

To start, my boyfriend and I ordered drinks right away and I got their signature Brandy slushie which is the new staple at Brewers’ games because they are in lanyard pouches to easily walk around and drink at a game! While he ordered his soda, we decided to get the Chippawea Falls Cheese Curds that consists of pickled peppers and an sour cream and onion aioli spread. As a Wisconsinite, these are BY FAR my favorite cheese curds I’ve had if you’re a fan of deep fried crust around the curds.

From the slightly limited menu, I settled for a plain cheeseburger since I wasn’t feeling too adventurous as well as my boyfriend who ordered the same thing. When the food came out, I was a little sad to see how mediocre the presentation was of the burger because, being at an MLB stadium, I would’ve hoped to see a better presentation of the burger. The bun was slightly squashed when coming out but overall, the burger was really juicy so that was a slight redemption. The fries were the super skinny type and as someone who LOVES salty food… where was the salt and seasoning?! For fries, there should have been SOME type of seasoning. What was interesting is that our appetizer was a dollar more than our burgers! Usually I’ve seen a vast difference on menus from a price point of appetizers and main dishes but this was extremely strange to see.


Overall, the drinks and appetizers were to die for! However, you are paying the price for the experience and the view of the field so expect to pay slightly more for food than your average restaurant. Barrel Yard is also open during Brewers’ games with a to-go drink bar as well as having regular public hours. 

Here’s the link to Barrel Yard’s menu!