Mallory Behny and Alexandra “Allie” Pingel have found a unique way to interact with everyone who walks by their campus home.

Their corner room in Augsburg Hall this year happens to offer the optimal conditions for message posting. Their window faces one of the main thoroughfares among CUW’s residence halls. So naturally, one random day, the pair decided to put their prime real estate to work; they utilized a plethora of sticky notes to put a simple “Hi” message on display.

A neighboring hall across the way followed suit and posted a response. And so began a fun pastime for Behny and Pingel.

Lately, the ladies have turned their efforts to “this or that” questions. And to their surprise, they’ve been getting a lot of responses.

“We had ‘pop or soda’ up one week and we were just sitting in our room studying and heard a random, ‘Pop!’ from someone walking by outside,” Behny said with a laugh. “It became fun to make the questions for people walking by, and now it’s just kind of become a thing.”

They change up the questions every couple of days, making residents’ trips from their halls to classes each morning a little more exciting. Behny and Pingel often make the questions regional to capitalize on the sometimes polarizing (but good natured) speech patterns of the student body.

In case you missed your chance to call out a response, here are some of the Augsburg ladies’ recent posts. Weigh in below, or email the roommates to offer a suggestion.



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— Madelyne Arrigoni is a senior studying English, Mass Communications, and Photography. She plans to graduate in 2022.

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