Anthony Hengst is graduating in the spring of 2021. He is majoring in K-12 Lutheran Instrumental Education, and is involved in a number of activities, including CUW Men’s Acapella Club, New Student Experience Group, Youth Ministry, Pep Band, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and University Band.

What on or off-campus activities/ministries do you participate in?
Here at CUW, I have been involved with a lot of on-campus activities and committees throughout my four years. I have been a part of the CUW Men’s Acapella Club, our New Student Experience group, Youth Ministry, and I am very involved with our music department. 

In your own words, what does it mean to be a Concordian?
When I think of being a Concordian, I think of myself being a part of a family. In this family at Concordia, we all help each other, through Christ, to be successful. Throughout my time here at Concordia, I have seen the love of Christ through this school, from the professors, the staff, and the student body itself.

What are your favorite things about the Concordia experience so far?
My favorite thing about my Concordia experience is having that individual connection with my professors. Since we have smaller class sizes, we can have a more personal connection with our professors and that has helped me to be as successful as I am today. Being able to be comfortable about seeking help from my professors is huge and has helped me to grow in my education and has helped me to be more confident with myself as a future educator.

What role has Concordia played developing your faith?
In my life, I have been so blessed to have attended Lutheran schools. I have been able to share my faith and learn more about Christ through my schooling. But here at Concordia, I have been able to go deeper into my Lutheran studies and find myself as a Christian. Through the religious classes I have taken, I have grown in my knowledge of Christ and my role as a Christian leader. Chapel, the talk of Christ in our common classes, and the uplifting clubs across campus have all helped me to continue my faith and remember the true importance of our lives, which is Christ. 

How are you adjusting to these uncertain times? Has the Concordia community provided some comfort and stability for you? Has your music been a helpful outlet?
During this time, I am taking everything day by day. I am making sure that I am following the guidelines and am being cautious, not only for myself, but for the others here on campus. Since being back on campus, everyone here has made me feel very safe during this pandemic. We have the support of our student health center, CUW Residence Life, our professors, and Student Life staff, and they have all worked so hard for our safety and have done a great job of making sure that students have the Concordia Experience while maintaining our safety.

If you could give thanks to donors who support your education and experiences at CUW, what would you say?
Thank you for your generosity and support for students like me. I have been so blessed to attend this school and meet such amazing people. Your generosity has helped so many people in shaping their lives to have successful futures.

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