DMS students and alumni celebrated the first annual Amazing Ultrasound Race, transforming the profession into a fun, competitive experience.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program recently celebrated our first annual Sonography Amazing Race! This even was held to bring together both alumni and current students of the program. Based upon the hit game show, The Amazing Race, teams were chosen to complete tasks using clues in hopes to be the first team at the finish line.

On your marks!

The teams of blue, yellow, green, and red started with a clue that led them to the first task. Teams raced to be the first group to the lab and complete the first task—blindfolded scanning. Each team appointed one member to be blindfolded, while one modeled, and the others directed the scanner on how to find the images required from the clues. Each team had to get their images checked by a faculty member to be able to move onto the next task.


The yellow team took an early lead out of the Scan Lab to move onto the next clue—finding the hidden ultrasound images around campus! With the yellow team ahead, teams moved fast throughout the school to find five ultrasound images to complete their poster. The scavenger hunt took teams around campus following clues to decipher at each location. The team that correctly found all of their images first would head to the location of the task.

Final Roadblock

The final roadblock consisted of completing one of two tasks. Teams had a choice of picking either jello scanning or pathology cases. There were two rooms of each so the first two teams had their choice of what they wanted to complete, leaving the following teams to choose whichever rooms remained. Jello scanning required teams to correctly identify at least two items in the opaque jello using a butterfly scanning device. The pathology cases required teams to agree on the proper matching of words/phrases to the corresponding images. Both needed to be verified by faculty in order to receive the last clue before making it to the finish line.

Winner Takes All

Winners of the Amazing Ultrasound Race
From left: Noelle Krockey, Anastasia Brey, Sarah Jung, Haley Jorgensen, Jenna Broehm, and Ruth Slavin

Two teams were neck in neck attempting to decipher the last clue. The winner had to know the sum of the number of clinical hours needed, the number of exams needed, and the speed of sound in soft tissue. While it came down to two teams, in the end, the green team came out victorious! The winning team consisted of Anastasia (senior), Sarah (junior), Noelle (junior), Ruth (Class of 2023), Haley (Class of 2020), and Jenna B. (Class of 2022)! Winners received a Starbucks gift card for their efforts and all alumni that attended received a T-shirt.

The DMS program is looking forward to hosting this event next year and hopes to continue to expand. The next event the program is hosting is the Sonography Education Event, which is March 16th. Please follow us @cuwimaging on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in the department!

Want in?

The Department of Imaging at Concordia University Wisconsin encompasses two bachelor’s degree programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) offers three distinct pathways to prepare learners to step forward into their calling as a medical sonographer: the undergraduate DMS certificate, in-person bachelor’s degree, or an online sonography completion program.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, or rad tech program, is a two-plus-two offering. Students spend the first two years on the Concordia campus taking prerequisite classes before applying for placement into one of our JRCERT-accredited partner rad tech programs. The second two years are within the professional phase of the major and will consist of didactic and clinical coursework.

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Abby Hillner is a Concordia University alumnus. She graduated in 2022 with a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.