Concordia's School of Pharmacy changed its admission requirements.

New admission requirements bring change to the School of Pharmacy at Concordia

Revamped admission requirements

Concordia’s School of Pharmacy changed its admission requirements. These changes take effect for the 2021-2022 application cycle. First of all, these revamped admission requirements affect the required number of prerequisites an applicant has to complete. In addition, the School of Pharmacy has changed the number of required letters of recommendation.

Breaking down the new requirements

  • Now, applicants must complete 56 credits of Pre-Pharmacy coursework prior to starting pharmacy school at Concordia. This was changed from 64 credits.
  • Next, the School of Pharmacy no longer requires economics. Plus, the amount of general elective coursework was changed from 17 to 12.
  • Finally, applicants are now required to submit 2 letters of reference vs previously being required to submit 3 letters.

“The revamp of our admission requirements allows for future PharmD students to have a solid foundation coming into pharmacy school. This revamp continues to allow the Admissions Committee to review applicants holistically. We want to make sure applicants who have the passion, skills, and knowledge to become a pharmacist can do so,” said Kaylan Gaines, Director of Recruitment & Admissions at Concordia’s School of Pharmacy.

A straight shot to earning your PharmD

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to apply. Also, now you only need 56 credits of Pre-Pharmacy coursework. Concordia’s PharmD program offers you the balance and flexibility you need to be successful. Our award winning, manageable 4-year PharmD program makes it convenient for you to get all classwork and fieldwork done efficiently while still having time for work and social or student activities.

Are you ready?

Would you like more information? Contact admissions at Learn more by exploring our pharmacy info page here.

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