Have you thought about becoming a nurse?

Stephanie Myas-Donohue realized that nursing is the right fit for her after working as an exercise physiologist. She is currently enrolled in Concordia University’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.


Pivoting to a career in nursing

In her previous work, Stephanie focused on cardiac stress testing. She spent a lot of time working alongside nurses and felt drawn to the profession. In her current position, Stephanie felt that she had maximized all of her opportunities and was unable to move ahead any further. She said, “Nursing felt like a natural transition for me to be able to use the skills I have. I’ve been able to build on my skills and experience [in exercise physiology.]”


Stephanie knows why she wants to be a nurse.

First of  all, Stephanie is all about patient care. “What I really like about nursing [is that] you get a ton of contact with patients. You get to be right there with them,” Stephanie said. She continued, “In some fields, there is a lot of computer time. This happens in nursing, too, but less so.”

Secondly, Stephanie likes the idea of being the “first set of eyes” to see a patient. Nurses often have to take in information quickly and make decisions right away.

Lastly, Stephanie prefers the flexibility that a career in nursing can offer. If there is a field that interests you, you can pursue it. Obviously, there are certifications and trainings to consider when changing fields, but the options are there. Plus, nurses can work in a variety of settings from hospitals, schools, outpatient care centers, patients’ homes, and more.


Changing careers with a Concordia degree

“I didn’t even know that accelerated programs were a thing,” Stephanie said, when asked about how she found Concordia. “I was browsing the web and looked at several programs in the area. Concordia’s was the best fit [for me.]”

Concordia’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing is available for those who have already received a bachelor’s degree. You can fast-track your BSN in 14 months of focused work.

When asked about getting started in the nursing program, Stephanie said, “From the first contact, everyone was amazing. Our admissions counselor was really supportive and helpful.”


Supportive professors and engaging coursework make a difference.

“Our professors are awesome at supporting students, especially during the pandemic,” Stephanie commented. Her cohort began right before pandemic shutdowns happened. She praised her professors for their out-of-the-box thinking and solutions-oriented mindsets. “They’re always available, and we have monthly Zoom meetings with the head of the program to get updates,” she said.

Stephanie shared that the Christianity and Caregiving course was one of her favorites. “Often, we will be exposed to the worst time of someone’s life. [This course] really helped us process that,” she said. Also, she loves the clinical experiences and simulation labs, and she has an overall appreciation for how each course prepares students for an essential piece of becoming a nurse.


Stephanie’s Advice to New Students

  • Try to make sure you stay calm about things. 
  • Manage your time well. Since the courses are accelerated, more information is shared over a shorter period of time.
  • Get your family on board. Plan ahead all the way out.

Since the theory courses are online, you’ll be able to work when it’s convenient for you. Stephanie has had to balance her schedule with her kids’ virtual learning, which has taken some adjusting. Overall, Stephanie has been able to keep her “why” in mind as she has had to juggle a lot during this unusual time in our world.


Feeling Inspired?

Being a nurse could be a very fulfilling career path for you. Think about why you want to pursue it, and see if it lines up with your career goals and personal goals. If you want to hear another student talk about their experience, check out Luther Himsel’s path toward becoming a nurse.

Do you want more information about our nursing programs? Feel free to request more information here.

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