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On Monday April 8th, filming for Amazon Prime’s, The College Tour began. Ten lucky Concordia students had the chance to share their stories and why they love their school! 

The show follows a different college campus each episode, and our very own CUW will be featured in an episode of the show’s 11th season. 

Sophomore Amber Fietzer is one of the lucky few to be featured on the season. She expressed her gratitude for being a part of the project. 

“I have been so blessed to go here and have had wonderful professors, made true friends, and experienced some amazing opportunities,” she said. 

As a biomedical sciences major, she hopes for her segment to inspire future medical students to choose a school where faith is an integral part of everyday learning. 

Fietzer also explained a little bit about the process to get chosen. She said that there was an application which led to a video submission with her story. After that she got to meet with the film crew. 

Junior Maya Hielscher further explained that her video submission included ways that Concordia has impacted her life for the better. After she was chosen, she also got to meet with the producer and crew and they helped her understand her role in the show. 

At this meeting they were given their handbooks, which Hielscher called their “holy grail.” The handbooks included everything that they needed to know. 

Their handbooks included their film dates and their scripts, which, senior, Sabrina Moore said that they got to write for themselves. She also said that they even got to include their friends as “extras.” 

Moore said that the experience was intimidating going into but overall felt very rewarding.  

“The producers and crew made it such a great experience,” she said. 

Fietzer explained that it only takes a couple of hours to get each student’s interview, but the crew was on campus all week to capture footage. 

Hielscher said that as an athlete on the track team, some of her B-roll included her sprinting around the stadium while the crew filmed her from a golf cart.  

“They said it was some of their favorite B-roll they have ever gotten!” she said. 

Because the casting was so limited, each of the students expressed their gratitude for being on the show. 

Moore explained how she never expected to be cast, but that’s all the more reason for her to feel fortunate to be a part of the show. 

Fietzer said, “This is something I am super thankful for – and it makes eight-year-old Amber, who wanted to be a Disney Channel star, happy that she got to be in a TV show,”. 

The episode is set to hit Amazon Prime this fall! Check out Fietzer, Moore, and Hielscher with the rest of the cast on The College Tour!