5 Signs You Belong in Business

Have you ever considered going into business? Curious to see if you belong in the business field? Here are a few key characteristics that successful business people have.

The world of business spans many disciplines. In almost every corner of the world and within every kind of operation, good business people are needed. If you have an interest in entering the business world and filling that need, here are a few key characteristics you must possess.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills not only set you apart, but they also equip you to climb the ladder and even build your own business someday. Part of being a good leader is proving to others (peers and managers!) that you are reliable and trustworthy. If you expect people to follow you, they have to be able to trust you. So, work on establishing trust by keeping your appointments, bringing others new opportunities, and refusing to fuel office politics.

Competitive Ambition

Being in business comes with risks. A good business person has to have an ambitious drive and be able to quickly identify new opportunities. They should have a competitive streak and the ability to take the risk necessary to follow through on the opportunity. And when those risks don’t pan out, which does happen eventually happen, a good business person has to be able to learn, move forward, and try again.

Curious & Adventurous Spirit

Right along with competitive ambition follows a curious and adventurous spirit. It takes a lot of intellect to survive the business world, and with constant changes, you have to maintain a curious spirit. The term “life-long learner” defines a successful business person; always eager to learn more.

Solid Communication Skills

When you’re not selling, you’re building relationships. So, no matter what sector of business you work in, you have to be a good communicator. The good news is that communication is a skill that you can learn. If you don’t already have a solid grip on communication, focus on developing and growing your skills. A few ways to be a more effective communicator are, to be an active listener, be clear, and be aware of your body language.


We emphasize integrity a lot here at Concordia. You have the opportunity to stand apart in the business world by having a steadfast dedication to integrity in everything that you do. Integrity in business looks like playing fair, maintaining promises, looking out for your coworkers or staff, and keeping your customers’ best interests in mind.

If you already possess these characteristics and are interested in pursuing a business career, your next step is to invest in training and education. Whether it’s starting with a bachelor’s degree or elevating your education to a master’s degree, we’ve got you covered here at Concordia.

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This blog was originally published on March 19, 2019. It has been updated to reflect current information.