The buzzwords and catch phrases circulating in the academic (and business) world often feel like a maze of unnecessary jargon. In fact, these terms can be extremely helpful in being precise. Concordia University’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Administration (OLA) is an excellent example of “buzzwords” that actually carry a great deal of meaning.

So, what is the OLA program and why does it matter? The answer is right in its name. “Organizational” states where this degree is relevant (in an organization/business), while “leadership & administration” identifies the kind of role individuals prepare for (leadership/administration). For those who plan on starting or improving their career as a leader in their organization, the OLA program is for you. We could stop there.

If you want to be a leader, complete the OLA program.

Not quite enough to convince you? No worries. Let’s explore four features of the OLA program that make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Feature 1: Emotional Intelligence

You are probably aware that IQs are not the only way intelligence is being measured these days. Emotional intelligence has become a sought after quality when hiring for leadership roles. This is not a consolation prize designed to make everybody feel special. Rather, emotional intelligence indicates an awareness of and ability to manage your own emotions, as well as those around you. By studying and developing your emotional intelligence through Concordia’s courses, you gain the knowledge needed to listen, adapt, and relate to others. It cannot (and should not) replace talent and skill, but it is a necessary component of leadership.

You’ll learn how to transform yourself into a leader.


This phrase sounds like it ought to be on a motivational poster, doesn’t it? Let’s break down what “transformational leadership” means in concrete terms. You (as the leader) learn how to “raise [your followers] to higher levels of morality and motivation.” Transformational leadership harnesses your emotional intelligence and turns that knowledge into action.

Learning how to motivate and inspire (yes, inspire) your team is key to both healthy team dynamics and productivity. Acting as a transformational leader results in solidified team identity, commitment, and trust. In OLA classes, you will learn the theory and techniques needed to create and maximize participation, collaboration, and effectiveness within a team.

You’ll learn how to transform your team to reach their potential.


Concordia offers a unique element in ethical study by providing a Christian basis for all business practices. In the field of business, being prepared to deal with ethical questions concerning abuse of resources, dishonesty toward customers, and mismanagement of finances is foundational. Concordia’s students are well equipped to deal with such circumstances.

Ethical standards are important both for their own sake and for the profitability of the organization. In our classes, ethical business practices are taught for the sake of doing what is right. The financial advantage is important but secondary. How many universities can say that?

You’ll learn the importance of and how to implement ethical practices.


Raise your hand if you wish you had more time to learn. Even if the classroom was the enemy in high school, most of us wish we had the opportunity to soak up that knowledge again. Unfortunately, as working adults, it is a struggle to pencil in time to learn today (let alone long-term). Committing to years of study by pursuing a master’s degree seems like a remote possibility.

The good news is that getting a master’s degree does not have to take years. Concordia’s OLA program can be completed in ONE year! Specifically designed for busy employees, this master’s degree is tailored to provide classes with maximum impact in a relatively short amount of time.

You’ll gain a master’s degree by this time next year.

The OLA program provides the skeletal structure of any administration role. If you want a strong foundation in leadership, but don’t need extra training in your particular field, this program is for you. Get started on your journey by requesting more information on the program.

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