Establishing an online presence

Take a moment and think about where you are in your life right now. Do you have a life calling you want to pursue? Are you plateauing in your career? Do you wish for something more to help you succeed but not sure what it takes? A distinguished online presence could help.

With social media showing no signs of slowing down or going away anytime soon, you have an opportunity to utilize those channels to grow your online presence. With a polished and consistent online presence, you could see an increase in opportunitiesboth personally and professionally. The following are some tips you can use to do just that.

Tip 1: Brand Yourself

If you’re looking career success but haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and build a personal brand. Why is a personal brand so important? By building a brand, you create an image of yourself to illustrate what makes you special. Identifying what makes you unique and working from that angle can sometimes open the door for new opportunities in your life that might otherwise have passed on.

Sarah Ware Kline, Co-Founder and CEO of the influencer marketing agency, Markerly, says there is a right way to effectively brand yourself. Professional agencies brand companies for a living, and you can get inspired by putting yourself in their shoes and ponder how you would advertise yourself. You should learn how to embrace your own value, see your distinguishing qualities, network with other professionals to build relationships, and create digital content to acquire opportunities.

Tip 2: Be Active on LinkedIn

Once you have determined your personal brand, you need to use it. Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn speaker and consultant, says that it is crucial to be active with your brand on LinkedIn. This particular social network can create new professional opportunities if you know how to use it correctly. It is a tool to visually differentiate yourself from other experts in your field by demonstrating your specific specialties and to strategically connect with likeminded professionals. There are many tools that most LinkedIn users aren’t aware of that can help move you to the front of the pack.

Tip 3: Create Digital Content and Have a Content Strategy

With your personal brand made and a solid LinkedIn profile to back you up, go the extra mile and create digital content to push your success even further. Creating digital content has many positive effects. Having content for other professionals to see, such as a website, blog, video, podcast, etc., increases their awareness of who you are and what you can do. This content shows what you’re passionate about and will help you be seen as a thought leader in your field.

As you’re creating your digital content, it is important to have a solid content strategy driving your efforts. Figure out who your target audience is and write specifically for them. When your content impacts, educates, or entertains people, they are more likely to share it with their own networkincreasing the overall visibility of your brand.


The path to becoming a digital influencer doesn’t have to be a difficult one. By investing in ongoing learning, you can stay sharp and up to date on best practices to elevate your brand and your content. For example, our Digital Influencer Academy takes you through easy lessons with practical advice you can apply instantly to begin growing your online presence today.


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