Education is ripe for disruption. Innovators and pioneers are needed as our society constantly changes.

The way we consume and disseminate information is undergoing unprecedented, rapid transformation. An educational design and technology master’s degree program can help today’s educators blossom into organizational leaders with the unique insight to maximize and shape an entire institution’s usage of technology.

Educators working in the spaces of technology and innovation, faculty currently teaching online courses, or forward thinking educational administrators would all do very well to consider this degree. The MS in Educational Design and Technology provides significant advantages to those who want their institutions to adopt emerging best practices and who care about the student experience.

At its core, this degree helps give educators the ability to fully embrace the future of technology. Students in this program are often eager to embrace and think through emerging concepts. Ultimately, this forward thinking can pave a path to a leadership position. Educators emerge from this program feeling confident leading their organization in designing educational models that maximize the use of technology – now and into the future.

This program is more than just technology, however. Current educators are given the opportunity to take a step back and look at how they are designing their current educational experiences. Classes cover topics like: learning theory, the creation of learning theory, identifying outcomes, and creating content. Students are driven to understand how to design optimal learning environments and content delivery systems. They develop a profound understanding of interactions, assessments, collaborations, and communications in an online education setting. The entire program allows educators to bring what they are learning into their own classrooms, gleaning demonstrable benefits before they even graduate.

So ask yourself – as an educator, are you wanting not only to hone your skills in educational design, but also want to help your organization fully embrace technological advancement? If so, a Master’s of Science in Educational Design and Technology is well worth considering.

If any of this makes you curious to learn more – Concordia University Online has a full Master’s of Science in Educational Design and Technology that is taught 100% online. It is one of the only  Masters Degree programs in the world that uses digital badges across it’s curriculum.  Not quite ready for a full program? We have a variety of low cost professional development courses available with a focus on technology that can be a great way to test the waters.

Speak with one of our counselors today to learn more! And stay tuned for the next blogs in this series.

— Kali Thiel is director of university communications for Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor. She may be reached at or 262-243-2149.

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