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Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Academic Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Athletics/Clubs and Organizations: Psych Club
One thing you need to know about me is: I have a huge family, my favorite color is purple, and music is life.
Why CUW? I loved the sense of community we have here, and the best part about the school is that you get to build a one-on-one relationship with your professors, which allots for a better educational program.

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Blake Brockman

Blake Brockman
Hometown: Antigo, Wisconsin
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Lay Ministry/Theology
Athletics/Clubs & Organizations: Campus Ministry, UPCO, Intramurals
One thing you need to know about me is: While I am known for being really sarcastic and funny I do enjoy being more serious than anything else.
Why CUW? I needed to be somewhere my faith could grow and still have fun. It has not disappointed with all of the student activities and the ability to go to daily chapel and attend CMLT events. I also came here because of the friends that I had coming here. I have thought of transferring, but realized early on that I couldn’t do that because of the friends that I have made here. I don’t think that choosing to come here is a onetime deal, I think that it’s a decision that is made every day.

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Cassie Mlsna

Cassie Mlsna
Hometown:  Marinette, WI
Academic Year:  Freshman
Major:  Occupational Therapy
Athletics/Clubs & Organizations:  I plan on being a part of CORE, Volunteer Club, Habitat for Humanity, LIGHT, Overnight Hosting, Intramural Volleyball, and Falcon-Fit Yoga and Kickboxing.
One thing you need to know about me is:  I am a high-energy, friendly person who loves to read, write and take pictures!
Why CUW? I initially found out about and chose to go to Concordia because I wanted to be in the accelerated Masters of Occupational Therapy program.  After I toured the campus, I knew I wanted to attend CUW, because I loved the friendly atmosphere, homey feel and beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

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David Schlecht

David Schlecht
Hometown: Loveland, Colorado
Academic Year: Freshman
Major: Multimedia Communications with a Minor of Christian Thought
Athletics/Clubs & Organizations: track and field, drumset for Haven
One thing you need to know about me is: I’m a twin, and we room together here at Concordia
Why CUW? I wanted to go to one of the Concordias because of the Lutheran atmosphere. Concordia Wisconsin had the best communications program and the best location because of the weather and I’m centralized near family.

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Kara Moss

Kara Moss
Hometown: Watertown, WI
Academic Year: Junior
Major: Marketing
Athletics/Clubs & Organizations: Pep Band, If Looks Could Trill (CUW’s auditioned mixed A Cappella group)
One thing you need to know about me is: I daydream a lot, which might be the reason I don’t know what being bored feels like.
Why CUW? After a few visits to Concordia, I could see that the students and faculty were friendly and welcoming. I felt very comfortable right away. I liked Concordia’s location because it’s close enough to home to be able to visit with ease, but far enough away to feel like I’m in a different environment. I also loved the bluff and its view of Lake Michigan.

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Emily Fairbairn

Emily Fairbairn
Hometown: Novi, Michigan
Academic Year: Freshman
Major: Lutheran Secondary Education—English with a minor in Theology
Athletics/Clubs & Organizations: Education Club, Volunteer Club, Intramural Volleyball
One thing you need to know about me is: I have a minor addiction to coffee and I love volleyball!
Why CUW? The real question is: Why not CUW? I knew that I wanted one of the Concordias to get my Lutheran education major and, despite the fact that CUAA is thirty minutes from my house, I loved the size, location on the bluff, and the fact that they have tunnels, so I can avoid the snow.

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