Welcome to Concordia’s Instructional Design Center!

Purpose Statement
The IDC facilitates the use of instructional design and educational technology for Christ-centered transformational learning.

Please know that you are not alone, that teaching and learning at CUW is a team effort. With that in mind, the IDC exists to help program directors, faculty, and staff with course and lesson design, curriculum development, program development, creative strategies for effective teaching and learning, developing learning objectives, and constructing highly engaging technology-enhanced learning activities. We have a wide variety of technological and human resources that can help you design effective, engaging Christ-centered learning environments. Contact us for an individual consultation or learn more about our services through the links on the left.

Seven broad goals in the IDC are to:

  • Assist faculty with instructional design, with first priority given to e-learning  initiatives and other projects noted by University leadership.
  • Provide individual and group guided exploration of a variety of alternative or technology-aided teaching methods and assessment strategies.
  • Provide one-on-one teaching and course design consultations.
  • Coordinate and lead ongoing webinars and workshop that fit within the purpose of the IDC and connect Concordia faculty and staff around the world.
  • Design and/or facilitate key initiatives related to e-learning, course design, and educational technology.
  • Spearhead training, collaboration, and and other initiatives that have a direct impact upon Christ-centered transformational learning at CUW.
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