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  • 10 reasons to be involved with music at CUW

    With Christmas at Concordia still in the rear view mirror and our Symphonic Wind Ensemble tour right around the corner, our CUW music department is in the spotlight. Today, the Wind Ensemble embarks on an eight-day, five-concert tour to New York and Philadelphia. Our music department is a beautiful facet of our university, and we are so blessed to have opportunities to share our gifts with other parts of the country.

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  • Here’s why you should add a foreign language to your studies

    Perhaps you've considered adding a foreign language as a minor or double-major to supplement your main focus of study. Instead of asking yourself if this is right for you, ask why not.

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  • December 2, 2018
    Admissions, Advancement, Alumni, CU Here

    10 Concordia gifts for your loved ones this Christmas

    Finals are right around the corner and the semester is almost over, which also means Christmas is near! With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start collecting gifts for your loved ones.

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  • CUW’s cool computer science tech

    CUW’s Computer Science department has strived and succeeded in being at the forefront of using innovative current technology to help students advance their understanding of computer science and its principles.

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  • 3 CUW social work grads who are making an impact in the world

    The type of student that Concordia University Wisconsin attracts is quite often service-minded.

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  • Concordia’s flexible and cost-effective Route 38 fast tracks students’ road to graduation

    Two things initially attracted Jackie deWerff to Concordia University Wisconsin: the campus’ quality, Christian education program and the chance to play collegiate softball.

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  • 13 ways Concordia University Wisconsin promotes health in mind, body, and spirit

    “The freshman fifteen” is a phrase every new college student knows. The prospect of being able to eat as much as you please with one meal swipe in the caf, or not having to wake up until noon for a one o’clock class is exciting to some and terrifying to others. All of the freedom that comes with being in college is definitely difficult to handle at first, and some learn to juggle it better than others.

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  • 11 of the most beautiful places on CUW’s campus

    Here at Concordia we are blessed to be nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan and surrounded by the charming towns and vibrant greenery of the Mequon area. It's what we're known for.

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  • October 4, 2018
    CU Here

    Need stand-in parents for Family Weekend? Here are three traits to look for.

    I don’t know about you, but man, I really owe the folks one for getting me to Concordia, and with CAB’s annual Family Weekend event on the horizon, it has me wishing I could tell my parents in person just how thankful I am for their support.

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  • Concordia awards full-ride scholarships to future Lutheran urban educators

    More than a decade ago, while most of her young peers were make-believing they were pirates or princesses, Lindsey Fuchsberger was already test-driving her future dream job.

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