Picture of Lakeshore Chinooks media and video production interns

Brooke Sumter (pictured front row middle) completed the media and video production internship with the Lakeshore Chinooks *Photo credit Lakeshore Chinooks

Department of Communication student Brooke Sumter was a Lakeshore Chinooks intern this past summer season, helping her learn about technology and working with others.

Brooke emailed and interviewed with the Chinooks Assistant General Manager Eric Snodgrass. During the interview, she spoke about her familiarity with baseball, familiarity with video production and personal strengths.

The Chinooks hired her to be part of the media and video production internship team. These interns focused on working with video during games, including the outfield jumbo screen, on-the field entertainment, and other cameras.

Brooke’s favorite responsibility was using video to get the fans involved.

“I did like the video board because it’s just fun to put up all the graphics on the board, and you can do fun things like “make some noise” or “get on your feet” and the audience gets involved,” she said.

Any internship experience includes dealing with challenges, sometimes unexpected ones. Brooke said sometimes part of the technical setup malfunctioned and the team had to communicate quickly and clearly to deal with the issue.

Challenges Brooke dealt with were matched with gaining familiarity with technical equipment.

“The internship really helped me expand my knowledge about videos, showing things live, and getting hands-on experience."

“The internship really helped me expand my knowledge about videos, showing things live, and getting hands-on experience. I really want to go into video editing, and I think it’s really good to work with the cameras,” she said.

Experiential learning was no doubt a major part of Brooke’s overall experience. She also valued working with others while involved in a sport she enjoys. For these reasons, Brooke thinks others should consider the internship.

“I would say definitely give it a try. It’s really worth it, and you’ll have a lot of fun. You’ll meet a whole bunch of new friends and enjoy some baseball,” she said.

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