Instructor Self-Assessment: Tools and Techniques

“A good teacher teaches and learns” (Chan, 2010). Evaluating your own teaching is an excellent way to identify strong aspects of your work and areas of improvement.

Here are some resources to get you started.

This link from the University of Hong Kong describes different self-evaluation methods and includes additional online resources.

This link from the University of Texas at Austin offers a step-by-step guide for developing your self-assessment plan.



Chan C.(2010) Assessment: Evaluating your own Teaching, Assessment Resources@HKU, University of Hong Kong []: Accessed March 31, 2014 from

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For Learners

Here are a couple of articles you might want to share with your learners. It’s a great way to give college students some advice for a successful learning experience. The first is Dr. Robert Leamnson’s article Learning (Your First Job). The second is the same information, but is more condensed.

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Self-Regulated Learners

Maryellen Weimer writes about what it means to be a self-regulated learner in this article from Faculty Focus.

Dr. Weimer references Barry Zimmerman as one of the foremost researchers of self-regulated learning. His article can be found using this link:    Note: You must be logged into the cuw portal or summon to access this article.

One more related article from Robert Leamnson can be found here.

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March 3 Faith, Learning and Vocation Presentation

A Place to Stand, A Place of Refuge: The Adventures and Consolations of the Christian Academic

Presented by Dr. Angus Menuge

Dr. Angus Menuge

The archived video.

The Power Point Presentation

The outline

The Scientists YouTube clip mentioned during the presentation (at about 53:30).

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CELT February Newsletters



CUAA                        CUW

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What in the world is God doing?

Faith, Learning and Vocation Seminar: February 17, 2014.

If you missed Rev. Dr. David Birner’s presentation, you can view it here.

Rev. Dr. David Birner

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Integrating Reflection into a Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a busy, collaborative, and social place. We could say it’s a place where extroversion, collaboration, and teamwork are highly valued. But what does this mean for students who don’t excel in this collaborative space? What does it mean if we’re always focused on the doing?

Read this article by Barbi Honeycutt and Sarah Egan Warren from February 17, 2014.

This article is one of many from You can subscribe to their free newsletter!

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Feb 10 Lunch n’ Learn: Bernard Bull

Academic Cheating and Promoting Academic Honesty and Integrity

Bernard Bull

If you missed Bernard Bull’s engaging presentation today you can view it anytime from your own computer. Here’s the link.

Here are his Power Point slides. They are not visible on the video, so downloading them is recommended while viewing.



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Spring 2014 Faith, Learning and Vocation Series Planned

Save the dates for the Spring 2014 Faith, Learning and Vocation Series:

Monday, February 17: Rev. David Birner

Monday, March 3: Dr. Angus Menuge

Monday, May 5: Dr. Jeff Burkhart

See you in the Lakeshore Room, 3:30-5:00pm!


Topics to be published soon.

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How to integrate faith and learning in a non-theology course

If you missed faculty member Gary Locklair’s December 2 presentation you’re in luck!

View the recorded presentation here.

Gary Locklair


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