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Blended Learning: Perspectives From the CUW OT Department

The Occupational Therapy Department has been undergoing a transition to add a blended learning option. On November 10, they shared their thoughts and experiences about the process. View the archived recording here.

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“She didn’t teach. We had to learn it ourselves.”

You have incorporated active learning into your courses. Have you gotten student comments similar to the above title? Read this thoughtful article from Dr. Maryellen Weimer, editor of the Teaching Professor blog and newsletter. She explains why you should continue incorporating active learning and the importance of informing your students.

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Integrating Reflection into a Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is a busy, collaborative, and social place. We could say it’s a place where extroversion, collaboration, and teamwork are highly valued. But what does this mean for students who don’t excel in this collaborative space? What does it mean if we’re always focused on the doing? Read this article by Barbi Honeycutt and […]

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Still in Favor of the Flip

Go ahead and postpone the conversation about the backlash against the flipped classroom model. Supporters and skeptics alike — and even the researchers behind a seemingly critical new report — say the discussion continues to be positive. Read more.

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Flipped Classroom

Here’s some resources for flipping your classroom. A couple of videos that introduce the idea: Introductory video 1 Introductory video 2 One thing neither video mentions is that you want to develop an assessment of some sort they take before they come to class so you know they did the work prior to coming to […]

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