CITG 2016-2017 Applications Available

The Concordia Intramural Teaching Grant application information is now available for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Applications are due June 1, 2016.

Full-time faculty members at Mequon or Ann Arbor may submit applications for an innovative teaching project connected to a face-to-face or blended course they are scheduled to teach in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Funding supports the development, demonstration and evaluation of innovation in a particular course which is over and above normal teaching expectations. Examples might include a service learning project, developing a problem-based learning approach in a course, strategies to support measurement of student learning for a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project, or a project that demonstrates the value of high-impact practices or the Concordia Principles for Good Practice in Teaching and Learning.

This grant is administered by the Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT),  Elizabeth Evans who can be reached at 262 243 4283 or Elizabeth.evans@cuw.

CITG 2016-2017 Application and Policies

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Spring 2016 Programs Poster

Click here for a PDF of the Spring 2016 Program offerings at CUW.


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Mathematica Hands-On Training Seminar

Mathematica Hands-On Training Seminar

Tuesday November 10, 1-3pm on Pharmacy 149

Stay the entire time, or drop in for part of the time.

Click here to register.

Seminar presented by Neil Andrews from Wolfram, the makers of Mathematica. This will be an introduction to the software and hands-on help. Concordia University has purchased a site license. All faculty and students can download and activate the software for free, but it may be especially helpful for those in the math or sciences areas.

Downloading and installing Mathematica is easy through the Wolfram user portal (  You need to create a Wolfram account.  You can then download Mathematica and request an activation key.  Anyone with a or email should have no trouble obtaining an activation key.

Here is a link to a 6 minute overview of Mathematica:

The session will be recording for those who cannot attend.

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2015 Faculty Laureate Randy Ferguson Presentation: A Vision for Service Learning at Concordia University

Click this link to view Randy’s 10/8/15 presentation.

Click here to view/download the related handout.

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Panopto: How to move recordings from a folder that is scheduled for deletion

Due to the high utilization of Panopto, academic recordings will need to be archived after three semesters. Folders that are four semesters or older will be deleted from the Panopto server after each semester.  An example is a folder with a term code of 201410 (Fall 2013) will be removed from Panopto at the start of the 201610 (Fall 2015) term. There are many folders that are unlabeled, these will be removed as well if they are more than four semesters old.

If your current classes require videos from older terms it will be the responsibility of the folder owner to move the recordings from those folder slated for deletion. If you share a folder with another faculty member, please work together to keep only recordings you need. Instructions for moving videos to a recent folder can be found here.

If you have any questions about videos falling under the policy stated above, please feel free to email Rob Erbes at

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Using Videoconference Stations (Polycomm) – all locations

If you are having trouble, and you cannot reconnect as described below, call the AV number 262-243-4370.

Using the Polycomm HDX Remote (handout)

How to Make a Connection to Another Site (handout)

Emergency Plan of Action if Trouble Arises (handout)

Best Practices for Teaching with Videoconference (handout)

Sign up here for the self-paced Videoconference Course for faculty (Mequon or Ann Arbor locations). Center faculty contact your center director to be registered for the Center version.

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Blackboard Learn Session Recordings (for face-to-face courses)

Blackboard Learn Basics: recording, handout
More Tools: recording, handout
Assessments: recording, handout
Rubrics: recording, handout
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Blackboard Learn Fundamentals for Faculty Who Teach Traditional Undergraduate Courses (face-to-face)

Log in, find your course, find course content: handout video
Upload a file (ex: syllabus): handout video
Set up the grade center: handout video
Tips to setting up your grade center (handout)
Open your course to students: handout video
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Blackboard Learn Resources for MBA and Graduate Faculty (for face-to-face courses)

Tutorial documents you can download.Video tutorials
Blackboard Learn for MBA Faculty - Complete document (a breakdown of documents is below)
Log in, find your courses, and find contentLog in, find your courses, find course content
How to add a content folderHow to add a content folder
Upload a fileUpload a file
Create a discussion forumCreate a discussion forum
Discussion forums: view, subscribe, read, respondDiscussion forums: view, subscribe, read, respond
Grade a discussion forumGrade a discussion forum
Create an Assignment (Drop Box in Angel)Create an Assignment (Dropbox in ANGEL)
View and grade an assignmentView and grade an assignment
Delete an assignmentDelete an assignment
Grade center basic overviewGrade center basic overview
Open Course to StudentsOpen Course to Students
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Designing and Teaching your Course Using Blackboard Learn (for face-to-face courses)

Designing Your Course - downloadable documentsDesigning Your Course - video tutorialsTeaching Your Course -downloadable documentsTeaching Your Course - video tutorials
Below are links to downloadable document tutorialsBelow are links to video tutorialsBelow are links to short video tutorialsBelow are links to video tutorials
Log in Find Your Courses and Find ContentHow to Log in, Find Courses, and Find Course ContentHow to Use Inline Grading for AssignmentsHow to Use Inline Grading for Assignments
Spring 2015 SafeAssignment (Direct Submissions)Safe Assignment (Direct Submissions)
Add a Content FolderHow to Add a Content FolderHow to Grade Using a RubricHow to Grade Using a Rubric
Add a FileHow to Add a FileHow to manually grade an assignment (ex: participation)How to manually grade an item (ex: participation)
Create an AssignmentCreate an AssignmentHow to Delete an AssignmentHow to Delete an Assignment
Discussion Boards: View, Subscribe, Read and RespondHow to View , Subscribe, Read, and Respond to Discussion Boards
Add a WeblinkHow to Add a WeblinkDiscussion Board ViewsHow to View all Posts in a Discussion Forum
Create an ItemHow to Create an ItemGrade Discussion ForumsHow to Grade a Discussion Forum
Embed a YouTube Video Using the Embed CodeEmbed a YouTube Video Using the Embed CodeCreate AnnouncementsCreate Announcements
Create a RubricCreate a RubricSend EmailSend Email
Attach a Rubric to an AssignmentHow to Attach a Rubric to an AssignmentCourse MessagesHow to Send a Course Message
Create a Discussion ForumCreate a Discussion ForumDownload Grades from Grade Center to an Excel SpreadsheetHow to Download Grades to an Excel Spreadsheet
Create an AssessmentCreate and Deploy an assessmentView user statisticsHow to View User Statistics
Deploy an AssessmentHow to Add Video Feedback
Build Question PoolsBuild Question PoolsFilter Grade Center ColumnsFilter Grade Center Columns
Set Up the Grade Center

Tips for Setting Up Grade Center
Set up the Grade Center
Create Smart Views in Grade CenterCreate Smart Views in Grade Center
Student Preview ModeStudent Preview Mode
Add a Test StudentAdd a Test Student
Add a UserHow to Add a User
Set up GroupsSetting up groups
Adaptive ReleaseAdaptive release
Set NotificaitonsSet Notifications
Adding PanoptoAdding Panopto
Change Course Theme Colors and Add a BannerCourse Theme Colors and Add a Banner
Open Course to StudentsOpen Course to Students
Copy a Course in Blackboard to Another Blackboard CourseCourse Copy (Blackboard to Blackboard)
Copy Course Content from Blackboard to Blackboard not a full course copy
Group Your Courses by Term
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