The Secret of Self-Regulated Learning

This article is by Linda Nilson, author of the book Creating Self-Regulated Learners.

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Why don’t my students think I’m groovy?

Read this excellent article about millennial learners by Dr. Christy Price from Dalton State College

Why Don’t My Students Think I’m Groovy?: The New “R”s for Engaging Millennial Learners


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Effective Teaching: Moving Students from Perplexity to Discovery

Ken Seeskin presented this topic on the Mequon campus on April 25, 2014. If you missed his presentation, you can view it here.

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The Persistence of Vision

If you missed the May 5, 2014 presentation by Dr. Jeffrey E. Burkart you can view the recording here.

The Persistence of Vision: Reflections on Faith and Learning

Burkart, Jeffrey

Dr. Burkart is an Emeritus Professor of Educational Communications/Media & Artist in Residence at Concordia University Stain Paul.


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7 Characteristics of Good Learners

This is a great list Maryellen Weimer pulled together describing seven characteristics of good learners.

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Self-regulated learning from live lectures

Lectures can have a bad rap as being passive for students. Read this article to learn how to incorporate self-regulated learning into your live lectures.

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Learning to Learn

Here is an excellent article from Karl R. Wirth and Dexter Perkins (2008) that provides an excellent overview of different learning theories including the Cognitive Domain (Bloom), Affective Domain (Krathwohl), a Taxonomy of Significant Learning (Fink), the Learning Cycle (Kolb), Levels of Intellectual Development (Baxter Magolda), critical thinking and metacognition.

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Submit your proposal for the Concordia University Faculty Scholarship Day

Concordia University Faculty Scholarship Day

Monday, October 20, 2014 at the Mequon Campus.

Submit proposals to present either a poster or a platform presentation by August 29, 2014.  For more information contact members of the Concordia Faculty Scholarship Committee or Dr. Leah Dvorak  (

Scholarship Day Abstract submission form 2014


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March and April CELT Newsletters

Along with current program information, the CELT newsletter includes articles and resources that address teaching and learning.

March CUAA Newsletter March CUW Newsletter

April CUAA Newsletter April CUW Newsletter

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Extreme Makeover: Lecture Edition

If you missed the March 17 Lunch n’ Learn by Tina Orr (Nursing) and Susan Gallanis (CELT) you can view it here.

This presentation describes the process of incorporating active learning strategies into a high content nursing course.

You can find the presentation handouts here.


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