5 03, 2015

Episode 133 – Joshua 10 with Dr. Saleska

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In this episode Dr. Saleska talks about the mighty hailstorm and sun standing still in Joshua 10!

3 03, 2015

Episode 132 – Psalm 2 with Dr. German

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Click here to listen to Dr. German discuss Psalm 2, especially in light of the history of its interpretation.

26 02, 2015

Episode 131 – Joshua 8-9 with Dr. Saleska

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Dr. Saleska talks about the fall of Ai, the renewal of the covenant, and the Gibeonite deception (Joshua 8-9).


24 02, 2015

Episode 130 – Psalm 1 with Dr. German

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Dr. German introduces the Psalter (The Book of Psalms) and talks about the Psalter’s own introduction: Psalm 1.  Enjoy!


19 02, 2015

Episode 129 – The Sin of Achan with Dr. Saleska

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After reviewing the fall of Jericho (Joshua 6), Dr. John Saleska speaks with Dr. Brian German about the sin of Achan in Joshua 7.  This chapter is one of Dr. Saleska’s favorites!

17 02, 2015

Episode 128 Dr. Brian German – New Director

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In this episode Dr. Oberdeck introduces Dr. Brian German, new director for the Concordia Bible Institute. Together they discuss Dr. John Saleska’s series as it continues through the Book of Joshua, the new podcast series to begin by Dr. German, and upcoming events and new opportunities offered by the institute.


5 11, 2014

Episode 127 – The Fall of Jericho

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What are the details of Jericho’s destruction? What does it mean to be “devoted to the Lord” when the Children of Israel enter the Promised Land? Join Dr. John Saleska as he guides you through Joshua 5 & 6.

29 10, 2014

Episode 126 – Crossing Jordan

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Dr. Saleska describes the preparations necessary before, during and after crossing the Jordan into the promised land. The exodus from Egypt included a dry-land crossing of the Red Sea. Likewise the entrance into Canaan involves a dry-land crossing of the River Jordan.


22 10, 2014

Episode 125 – The Spies in the House of a Prostitute!

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Dr. Saleska takes you into the second chapter of Joshua in this episode, where we meet an unexpected heroine who becomes part of the lineage of Jesus Christ.


8 10, 2014

Episode 124 – The Book of Joshua Begins

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In this session Dr. Saleska introduces us to the Book of Joshua, in which we see the transfer of authority for the Children of Israel from Moses to Joshua.