Special Attention to the role of the Passover in understanding Jesus

12 04, 2013

Episode 79 – Safe on the Other Side

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Dr. John Saleska guides us through Exodus 15 in this discussion. The Children of Israel have successfully crossed the Red Sea, and express their joy in their deliverance. “Deliverance” is the link to Christ in Every Word.


4 04, 2013

Episode 78 – The Egyptians in Pursuit

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14 03, 2013

Episode 77 – The Passover in Detail

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Dr. Saleska digs deeper in this session to draw out the many connections between the Passover of Exodus 12 and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

7 03, 2013

Episode 76 – Passover Begins

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In Chapters 11 and 12 of Exodus preparation is made for the 10th Plague, which later receives the name of “Passover.” In today’s session Dr. Saleska explores the deep connections between the passover lamb, and the “Lamb who takes away the sin fo the world” – Jesus Christ.