21 05, 2014

From the Director: Summer 2014

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“Compel them to come in” “A Place of Refuge: there’s plenty of room, a banquet fit for a king, and it’s for you”
– Luke 14:22-23

John SaleskaI read recently that the city of San Francisco is planning to pass an ordinance forbidding the use of cars as overnight sleeping facilities, with the “homeless people” using them and then “freshening up” in public washrooms in the morning. That article reminded me of a TV documentary on the homeless called “Street People,” that I saw a few years ago. With no place to call home these vagrants for the most part used grocery carts to haul all their earthly possessions. People on the crowded sidewalks did their best to avoid any kind of contact with these “social lepers.” One man in particular was singled out for closer scrutiny. A pathetic figure, disheveled, wearing a long threadbare overcoat almost dragging on the sidewalk was his only visible protection from the bitter cold. Beyond all that, he was an ill-tempered man, surly and mean spirited, who literally “growled” and even lunged […]

11 03, 2014

From the Director

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Romans 8:18-25

When our first child was born, the doctor who was a family friend persuaded me to sit in on the delivery. For sheer drama and breathtaking excitement the experience was unparalleled. I suppose any first time father would feel the same under the circumstances. I marveled at the precision of the doctor’s hands as he skillfully moved them to deliver the child. The nurses and the doctor worked together with my wife like a well-oiled machine to insure a normal delivery. And then at the instant of birth there was a simultaneous joyful shout, “It’s a boy!” almost as if they had all been holding their breath, experiencing the birth pangs with my wife, silently groaning with her, encouraging her, waiting for the bundle of new life to make its grand entrance. And when he did, my wife’s first question was, “Is he all right?” That is, “Is he healthy? Does he have all his fingers, toes etc.? Is he complete?” The baby put on quite a show himself. He had at that moment been set free. He was unshackled and alive. With […]