21 05, 2014

Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind

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Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind by Roland Cap Ehlke

When it comes to analyzing today’s culture, people talk about politics, economics, and even morals. Like a Pelting Rain goes deeper and looks at the spiritual condition of western civilization. Few understand the depth of society’s malaise—as if the present situation has happened overnight, in a single generation. How we arrived at where we are is the long and complex interplay of theology and culture. Understanding the trends of the times does not necessitate accepting them. God calls upon Christians to contend for the faith. The Holy Spirit is still at work, and the gospel remains the power of God for the salvation of all who believe!

Like a Pelting Rain can be purchased from Roland Cap Ehlke’s website

“Few Historians and Theologians have a better grasp of world history and what is the making of the modern man than Roland Cap Ehlke”
— Christian News, August 2013

For more information about the author, view Roland Cap Ehlke’s Concordia University […]

11 03, 2014

Book Corner | Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

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Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

Authored by Dr. Daniel Paavola

The shortest of the Gospels is an action-packed, urgent book. After a single verse of introduction, Mark takes us to the Jordan River where Jesus quickly comes to be baptized. Leaving the story of Jesus’ birth and childhood to other evangelists, Mark launches us into the ministry of Jesus, the Son of God. This short Gospel concludes nearly as quickly as it begins. Our Lord’s resurrection is proclaimed at the empty tomb. The Church is told where He will meet them, but most of the details and the story of the Church’s response and growth are left for others to tell. It is a story of action that paints a clear and compelling portrait of Jesus. Mark repeatedly tells us of things that happen “immediately” and drives us forward with urgency and anticipation for what Jesus will do and say.

We see Jesus reaching out with boldness and compassion to Jews and Gentiles, to the mighty and the lowly, in large groups and in quiet anonymity. […]