21 08, 2014

Episode 119 – Deuteronomy Chapters 1-5

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Dr. Saleska introduces the main themes of the last book of the Pentateuch.

13 08, 2014

Episode 118 – Deuteronomy Introduction

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Join Dr. Saleska and Dr. Oberdeck as they begin the fifth and final book of Moses, Deuternonomy. In this introduction you will discover that a proper introduction to this book begins with Chapter 18, not Chapter 1!

22 05, 2014

Episode 117 – The Conclusion of Numbers

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In this episode Dr. Saleska brings the study of the fourth book of Moses, Numbers, to a conclusion. The Wilderness Wanderings are nearly over, and preparations are being made for the Promised Land. Deuteronomy soon follows.

21 05, 2014

Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind

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Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind by Roland Cap Ehlke

When it comes to analyzing today’s culture, people talk about politics, economics, and even morals. Like a Pelting Rain goes deeper and looks at the spiritual condition of western civilization. Few understand the depth of society’s malaise—as if the present situation has happened overnight, in a single generation. How we arrived at where we are is the long and complex interplay of theology and culture. Understanding the trends of the times does not necessitate accepting them. God calls upon Christians to contend for the faith. The Holy Spirit is still at work, and the gospel remains the power of God for the salvation of all who believe!

Like a Pelting Rain can be purchased from Roland Cap Ehlke’s website

“Few Historians and Theologians have a better grasp of world history and what is the making of the modern man than Roland Cap Ehlke”
— Christian News, August 2013

For more information about the author, view Roland Cap Ehlke’s Concordia University […]

21 05, 2014

From the Director: Summer 2014

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“Compel them to come in” “A Place of Refuge: there’s plenty of room, a banquet fit for a king, and it’s for you”
– Luke 14:22-23

John SaleskaI read recently that the city of San Francisco is planning to pass an ordinance forbidding the use of cars as overnight sleeping facilities, with the “homeless people” using them and then “freshening up” in public washrooms in the morning. That article reminded me of a TV documentary on the homeless called “Street People,” that I saw a few years ago. With no place to call home these vagrants for the most part used grocery carts to haul all their earthly possessions. People on the crowded sidewalks did their best to avoid any kind of contact with these “social lepers.” One man in particular was singled out for closer scrutiny. A pathetic figure, disheveled, wearing a long threadbare overcoat almost dragging on the sidewalk was his only visible protection from the bitter cold. Beyond all that, he was an ill-tempered man, surly and mean spirited, who literally “growled” and even lunged […]

21 05, 2014

Summer 2014 Newsletter (PDF)

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View the Summer 2014 CBI Newsletter

Summer 2014 Newsletter
5 05, 2014

Episode 116 – What Happens Without a Male Heir?

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The circumstances surrounding the daughters of Zelophehad are just one of the difficulties encountered by Moses in Numbers 25-28. Listen as Dr. John Saleska explains the answers given to Moses by God.


24 04, 2014

Episode 115 – Does Balaam Fail or Succeed?

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One interesting puzzle about the account of Balaam and Balak in Numbers is figuring out the role of Balaam. Is he a true prophet or a false prophet? Dr. John Saleska draws the appropriate conclusion at the end of this podcast. You might find it surprising!


10 04, 2014

Episode 114 – The Donkey Speaks!

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Balak, the King of Moab, wants to stop Moses and the Children of Israel. What better way than to hire Balaam, a rather shadowy figure in the Book of Numbers, to put a curse the advancing Israelites. But the move backfires in a most unexpected manner. Dr. John Saleska explains in this episode.


8 04, 2014

Brian German Accepts Call to Concordia University Wisconsin – Will Direct the Concordia Bible Institute

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Brian German has accepted the call from Concordia University Wisconsin to serve in a dual capacity; as a member of the theology faculty and as Director of the Concordia Bible Institute. German will succeed Rev. Dr. John Saleska as the director. Dr. Saleska is the founding director for the institute, and will continue his service to CBI by becoming the first Director Emeritus. Under Saleska’s guidance the institute has made its focus “Christ in Every Word” – recognizing that as Luther says, Christ is in every word of Scripture.

Brian German is completing his doctoral studies at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Ontario CA where his focus has been on Martin Luther’s interpretation of the Psalms. We will be welcoming him to campus beginning in July. German earned his Master of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne in 2010. By coming to Concordia he is returning to his Alma Mater. He earned his B.A. degree at Concordia Wisconsin in 2006.

In addition to his responsibilities as a member of the theology faculty, Professor German will lead the work of CBI as it continues to […]