11 03, 2014

Book Corner | Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

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Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

Reformation Heritage Bible Commentary: Mark

Authored by Dr. Daniel Paavola

The shortest of the Gospels is an action-packed, urgent book. After a single verse of introduction, Mark takes us to the Jordan River where Jesus quickly comes to be baptized. Leaving the story of Jesus’ birth and childhood to other evangelists, Mark launches us into the ministry of Jesus, the Son of God. This short Gospel concludes nearly as quickly as it begins. Our Lord’s resurrection is proclaimed at the empty tomb. The Church is told where He will meet them, but most of the details and the story of the Church’s response and growth are left for others to tell. It is a story of action that paints a clear and compelling portrait of Jesus. Mark repeatedly tells us of things that happen “immediately” and drives us forward with urgency and anticipation for what Jesus will do and say.

We see Jesus reaching out with boldness and compassion to Jews and Gentiles, to the mighty and the lowly, in large groups and in quiet anonymity. […]

17 06, 2011

Episode 19 – Philippians 4

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Dr. Paavola guides us through the conclusion of Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

2 06, 2011

Episode 18 Philippians 3

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Dr. Paavola takes our discussion into the third chapter of Philipians and the desire of Paul to press forward as a witness to Jesus Christ in his life.

23 05, 2011

Episode 17 Philippians 2

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Philippians 2 is significant for our understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Dr. Daniel Paavola continues his series on Paul’s letter to the Christians at Philippi.

20 05, 2011

Episode 16 Philippians 1

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Dr. Danial Paavola joins “Christ in Every Word” to guide us through four sessions on Paul’s letter to the Philippians.