Like a Pelting Rain: The Making of the Modern Mind by Roland Cap Ehlke

Like Pelting Rain by Roland Cap Ehlke

Like a Pelting Rain by Roland Cap Ehlke

When it comes to analyzing today’s culture, people talk about politics, economics, and even morals. Like a Pelting Rain goes deeper and looks at the spiritual condition of western civilization. Few understand the depth of society’s malaise—as if the present situation has happened overnight, in a single generation. How we arrived at where we are is the long and complex interplay of theology and culture. Understanding the trends of the times does not necessitate accepting them. God calls upon Christians to contend for the faith. The Holy Spirit is still at work, and the gospel remains the power of God for the salvation of all who believe!

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“Few Historians and Theologians have a better grasp of world history and what is the making of the modern man than Roland Cap Ehlke”
— Christian News, August 2013

For more information about the author, view Roland Cap Ehlke’s Concordia University Wisconsin Faculty/Staff Biography