Question for Dr. John Saleska:

Genesis 1:3, “And God said, ‘Let there be light': and there was light.”  What was the light?

Response from Dr. John Saleska:

This is a very good question for which there are very few “scientific” answers.  Scripture does not give us any additional information about this light.  We know that its absolute source is God, but its “physical source” (if one exists) is presently unknown.  This light was (is) obviously independent of the heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars) which were created on the fourth day.  Some commentators have suggested that the sun, moon, and stars produced this light but were partially veiled until the fourth day when God “uncovered” them.  The language, however, is very clear – this light was a separate creation on the first day.  The same is true of the sun, moon, and stars which were created on the fourth day.  Following is a literal translation from the Hebrew: “Light be, and light was.”  When God spoke those words, evidently some sort of “invisible low intensity luminescent particles” produced light – perhaps a subdued light something like the early morning light that lightens the heavens before sunrise.  Of course, we know the source of that light.