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29 11, 2012

Episode 65 – The Conclusion of the the Bible’s First Book – Genesis

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Join Dr. Saleska as he takes us through the final chapters of Genesis. Here Jacob blesses his sons, dies and is buried; and we come to the end of Joseph’s life as well.

8 11, 2012

Episode 64 – Jacob “Blesses” His Sons

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Blesses? That is a question you will have as Dr. Saleska introduces you to the last chapters of Genesis. Jacob is nearing his last days, and he has much to say and do before he departs this life.

1 11, 2012

Episode 63 – Jacob Enters Egypt and is Reunited with Joseph

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Dr. Saleska guides us through the transition as Jacob leaves Canaan and joins his long lost son, Joseph, in the land of Egypt.