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26 04, 2012

Episode 48 – Finding a Wife for Isaac

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Dr. Saleska explains in detail Abraham’s comission given to Eliezar to find a wife for his son Isaac. This is not your ordinary romance story, at least not in the way we ordinarily think of romance today. Yet this is a love story!

20 04, 2012

Episode 47 – Coming Down the Mount

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Dr. John Saleska brings us down from Mt. Moriah with Abraham and Isaac following Abraham’s test; a test which he passed by faith.

20 04, 2012

Episode 46 – Early African Christianity

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Dr. Joel Elowsky concludes the six part series on Early African Christianity with a summary of its influence in its own day, and its influence today.

11 04, 2012

Episode 45 – Early Church Father Augustine

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Join Dr. Joel Elowsky and Dr. John Oberdeck as they review the life and times of St. Augustine, the early African theologian known for this famous “Confessions.”