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24 02, 2012

Episode 42 Early African Christianity – Cyprian of Carthage

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Dr. Joel Elowsky provides background on Mark’s African connection, and shares the life story of Cyprian of Carthage, Confessor and Martyr. Learn why the subject of martyrdom is particularly powerful for African Christians today.

17 02, 2012

Episode 41 – Early African Christianity

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Few are aware of the influence of Africa on early Christianity. Dr. Joel Elowsky of Concordia University Wisconsin introduces us to the influence and impact of Africa in the early church. Dr. Elowsky is the Research Director for the Center for Early African Christianity. Learn more about our theological roots through this series of presentations.

13 02, 2012

Episode 40 – The Testing of Abraham

By |February 13th, 2012|Christ in Every Word, The Family of Abraham (Genesis 12-23)|1 Comment|

Dr. Saleska and Dr. Oberdeck begin a discussion on God’s testing of Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice Isaac. What is going on in Genesis 22?