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29 11, 2011

Episode 36 – The Lord Visits Abraham and Sarah

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The promise is made once again, only now within a specified period of time. Within a year the aged couple will have a son. Will they continue to believe these promises? Listen as Dr. John Saleska takes you in-depth into the story.

22 11, 2011

Episode 35 – Hagar and Sarah

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Abraham has received a glorious promise, but God seems slow in fulfilling it. He and Sarah take matters into their own hands, with ramifications down to the present day.

15 11, 2011

Episode 34 – The Family of Abram Part 2

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In this discussion learn more about that mysterious figure who is also mentioned in the New Testament: Melchizedek, Priest of Salem.

11 11, 2011

Episode 33 – The Family of Abram Part 1

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Dr. Saleska resumes the study of Genesis with an introduction to the family of Abram and the call Abram receives to leave Haran and go to the Promised Land; where he will be a blessing not only to his own people, but to all people.

2 11, 2011

Episode 32 – Science of Creation: Part 4

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Dr. Gary Locklair concludes the four part series on the relationship of creation and science with Dr. John Oberdeck