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26 10, 2011

Episode 31 – Science of Creation Part 3

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Dr. Gary Locklair is guest on “Christ in Every Word” – and in this segement discusses the Scriptural evidence for the creator with Dr. John Oberdeck.

19 10, 2011

Episode 30 – Science of Creation, Part 2

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Dr. Gary Locklair continues the four part series on science and creation. In this podcast Dr. Locklair reviews evidence from science for creation.

13 10, 2011

Episode 29 – Science of Creation Part 1

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Dr. Gary Locklair, chair of the Department of Computer Science at Concordia Univeristy Wisconsin is the guest for a four part series. Part 1 lays out the parameters of the discussion about science and its relationship to creation.

7 10, 2011

Episode 28 – Language Problems

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Dr. Saleska and Dr. Oberdeck discuss the tower of Babel and what the account says concerning human capacities.