Concordia & Alverno Students Complete IPE Pilot Program through Justice Point


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During the fall and spring semester of 2015-16 12 students from CUW (nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies, and social work) and Alverno College (nursing and nurse practitioner/mental health) participated in a pilot interprofessional learning experience that involved a nontraditional IPE opportunity.  A partnership was created with Justice Point (a non profit, pre-trial case management organization) and the Milwaukee County Drug Court (a program that allows individuals struggling with addiction to be place on probation and receive comprehensive drug treatment).  Students first observed how an interprofessional team of attorneys, case managers, police officers, social workers, psychologists and a judge come together to plan out client-centered treatment plans and to carry out court proceedings to keep individuals on track and sober.

Students then collaborated together to think about how health and social care impact sobriety and how they might (through small teams) work with clients to ensure they are referred to the right kind of providers for care.  Justice Point identified clients for small teams of students to interview and to produce case write ups (that were shared via a Goggle Drive) in order to produce “active referrals.”  Students, through follow up interviews, were able to recommend certain types of prescriptions that might aid clients with sleep issues as well as uncovering issues like the need for comprehensive dental care for clients who may have not been able to, or neglected, their oral health.

Overall, students reported the pilot program as a success and that they learned the value of collaborative care when dealing with patients/clients with complex health and social care needs.  The pilot program is being extended for another year and interested students (and faculty) should contact Michael Oldani in the Office of IPE @ CUW for more information.  There are a variety of ways students can receive credit for this course, including as a 1-3 credit IPE 550 special topics course.

Special thanks to Karin Wasiullah of Alverno College of Nursing for co-coordinating this learning experience. And special thanks to the following students:

Allysa Bagin. Ryan Nelson, Genesis Estrada, Sarah Dibble, Hallie Schopp, Becky Sobanski, Monique VanFelder, Amy Kutzler, Emily Schroeter, Briana Kneisl, Kristen Holme, and Carrie Fehrmann – you are all trail blazers in IPE!


Michael J. Oldani/Office of IPE @ CUW




The Future is Now: Concordia Students and IPE in the (local) News!

Health and Social care students were recently highlighted in feature article in the April 2016 edition of Mequon-Thiensville Today.  The article pointed to how CUW students are engaging in interprofessional learning events at the Mequon campus in order to learn about other professions and how to better communicate within a team-based environment.   The article also discussed how CUW is 100% committed to “interprofessional education” (IPE): providing learning opportunities and IPE certificates that will prepare students to enter their chosen career and vocations with the ability to work in team-based environments.  The article is provided here: Local Press on IPE.

If you are a current CUW student or are a future/prospective student and have more questions and would like more information on IPE @ CUW, please contact the Campus Coordinator of IPE, Michael Oldani (




If you are a health and social care student at CUW (e.g., physician assistant studies, pharmacy, OT, PT, social Work, nursing, etc.) you are need to help our OT students participate in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Triannual national meeting in Milwaukee, WI, on July 9th.  Over 4000 delegates, Pastors and church members will gather in Milwaukee and on Saturday (the 9th) CUW students along with Concordia Plan Plan Services will host a 5 hour health and wellness fair.  CUW students will provide interactive stations for LCMS members to engage in that will focus on Nutrition, Exercise/Physical Activity, Sleep & Rest, Stress Reduction & Mental Health, Diabetes Management and Ageing Well.  Interested students can contact professor Katrina Serwe in the Occupational Therapy Department at CUW (  She is teaching in OT course this summer and her OT students are organizing the event.  You will be partnered with OT students depending on your profession and/or interests.  (This is a great opportunity to acquire IPE hours, complete service/experiential learning requirements, and/or to simply experience the benefits of promoting wellness to interested people!) You can also contact the Campus Coordinator of Interprofessional Education (IPE @ CUW) – Michael Oldani (

How to build the perfect team?

Interprofessional Education (IPE) is most associated with the health and social care professions (e.g., social work, pharmacy, MD/DOs, nursing, occupational therapy,  physical therapy, physician assistant, dentistry and public health) learning and working together in a patient-centered environment.  However, increasingly interprofessional collaboration (i.e., the ability to communicate effectively within a team-based work environment) is becoming a global movement in the workplace.

The New York Times recently produced a Sunday Magazine edition that focuses on teamwork among and between employees.  Important questions about the what makes a ‘good team’ and how these new work environments are shaping business culture and human enterprise can be found here.

CUW continues to be on the cutting edge in terms of Interprofessional Education for both undergraduates and graduate students in the health professions.  All students, regardless of major/minor, are welcome to contact Michael Oldani, Coordinator of IPE @ CUW, for more information on opportunities and IPE certification.


First Annual Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Fair

The School of Pharmacy Student Organizations and the Interprofessional Education Program at CUW would like to invite students, faculty and the community to the first annual Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Fair on Sunday, April 10th – immediately following Chapel Service with President Ferry – at 11:30am.

CUW students involved in health and social care professions, along with faculty, will guide participants through a ‘passport to health and wellness’ as they learn about eating healthy, staying fit, and preventing chronic diseases.

Participants who complete the passport will also be eligible for a drawing for health-related items, including a grand prize for a Fitbit. A light lunch with refreshments will be provided as well.

Please join us!

If you have questions, please contact the Campus Coordinator for IPE – Michael Oldani at or by phone (262-243-2779).



IPE @ CUW: Concordia Health Profession Students Excel in State-Wide Case Competition

Team M (NE)

Kevin Xing (School of Pharmacy), Conner Ruosch (School of Nursing) and Kaitlyn Saugstad (Social Work, School of Health Professions), who are pictured above, left to right, entered and won the Northeast Region, AHEC (Area Health Education Centers), Case Competition this fall. This allowed them to travel to the Wisconsin Dells in January to compete at the state level with other IPE teams of students, where they finished in the top eight.

As an IPE team they were tasked with  creating a ‘stroke prevention program’ in a rural Kentucky county.  This project required a tremendous amount of time and effort on their behalf and helped them develop skills for working in a team-based healthcare environment in the future.

Congratulations to our winning IPE team!

If CUW students are interested in programs like this, please contact Michael Oldani, our IPE Campus Coordinator.



Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Fair April 10th, Health Professions Students Needed

The inaugural Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness Fair is going to take place on Sunday, April 10th, 2016.  Pharmacy students have organized the event for faculty, staff, students and members of the local community.  The fair will educate participants on various health and wellness issues while providing an opportunity to learn about the various professional health degrees available at CUW.

Health professions students (e.g., nursing, OT, PT, PA, NP, and Social Work) that would like to volunteer can contact IPE Coordinator, Michael Oldani at

Schedule of Events:

10am: Worship Service w/ President Ferry in Christ Triumphant Chapel

11:30am-1:30pm:  Wellness Fair in the Terrace Room

  • Health Related Raffle Prizes
  • First 100 participants receive ‘swag bag’ of wellness give aways

1:40pm: Mind-Body-Spirit Benediction in Christ Triumphant Chapel

m. oldani