Weekend Fun

Coming out of high school, I was never sure what college weekends would look like for me.  I definitely was not a party girl in my past and I had no intentions of going that route when I reached college.  But every portrayal of college weekends seemed to have partying as the main focus.  Thankfully for the mind and body, I have avoided all of the drinking and smoking, and I have found ways to thoroughly enjoy my weekends.

This past weekend, I was able to start by going out bowling with friends.  Following this, I went and hung out at a relative’s house, where I was able to sit around and talk with great friends and family.  The next day, I had to be productive because I work in admissions as a student ambassador, and I needed to interview a number of students.  I found it exhilarating to talk with students who wanted to do exactly what I get to do throughout the week.  As a student ambassador, I give tours and work reception… but mostly, I get the opportunity to speak to students about my absolute love for my school.

After I finished, I met up with about eight others, and I played competitive volleyball in the gym.  Because the volleyball poles are left out in the gym and we bring our own net, we are able to play the game that we love whenever we want to.  After playing for over three hours, we decided it was time to hit the road and drive to my boyfriend’s sister’s house.  There, we were able to eat a home cooked meal and play games all night.

Overall, I find that every weekend is very different for me, and I love seeing what unexpectedly fun events come up!

Winner Winner

There are a lot of options one can make on a weekend. You can go into Milwaukee and do the things. You can go to Cedarberg and do the things. You can go to Mequon and do some things. You can stay on campus and do things. One of those things is to play some board games. A favorite of my friends is Settlers of Catan. more “Winner Winner”

Adventurous Weekends

Weekends on campus are some of my absolute favorite times.  I don’t understand why people would choose to go home on the weekends, but if you ask me, I think that weekends are the worst time to leave.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to go home and see my family on occasion, but I have found that a big part of my life are the people that are on campus.  For that reason, I love spending the limited amount of free time (that I actually have) with those people.  In addition, I truly look forward to going to worship with a few of my closest friends each Sunday, and when I’m away for that, I always miss it. more “Adventurous Weekends”

Falcon Friends

When you spend such a large amount of time with your friends during the week, you definitely get very close to them.  So close that they begin to feel a lot like family.

I’m not sure if everyone gets as lucky as I did, but at Concordia, I have found a wonderful group of friends.  We all have our own very unique and interesting personalities, yet we all get along very well.  The drama that high school centered around disappears a lot in college, and people are far more inclusive. more “Falcon Friends”

Home Away From Home

Being away from home is hard. I live a long way from home so I don’t really have the option of going home every weekend. Seeing some students leave to go home for the weekends does not help my homesickness at all.

more “Home Away From Home”