More Than Just Volleyball

This year was the first year I was able to play competitive volleyball. Since I was in middle school or so, I had been learning how to play volleyball with my family. Then in high school, I did a few volleyball events at the high school gym. Then in college, I did intramurals, but decided I wanted to try doing volleyball competitively for once. We had a really fun season! more “More Than Just Volleyball”

Student Athletes

Student Athletes have a lot on their plates as to what they need to be doing. Prioritizing is going to help out a ton when it comes to making sure you’re up on both your academics and athletics.

First Losses

I decided this year to join the club men’s volleyball team and this weekend was our first tournament. Sadly, since we haven’t been back for a little while, we haven’t been able to practice either, so we were going into the tournament a little cold. With that being said, we actually did a pretty good job. more “First Losses”


One of the things that keeps me sane at school is having an outlet from classes.  My absolute favorite activity to partake in during my free time is playing volleyball.  At Concordia, I am involved in a competitive league of intramural volleyball.  Not only have intramurals brought me a ton of joy, but I have been able to grow close ties with the people that I play with. more “Intramurals”

Intramural Volleyball

I don’t know about you, but I was not very confident about making a sports team for the school, and the time commitment to do so was rather intimidating. I didn’t join any sports teams, but I still LOVE volleyball! For any of those athletes on campus that were not able to join a team for whatever reason, there are intramural sports. Right now, intramural volleyball is going on. There are two options for what kind of volleyball you want you to play: recreational or competitive. I, myself, am part of a competitive team, and it is a great way for me to get my fix of volleyball and athletic competition without the huge commitment of being on a full time team. more “Intramural Volleyball”