More Than Just Volleyball

This year was the first year I was able to play competitive volleyball. Since I was in middle school or so, I had been learning how to play volleyball with my family. Then in high school, I did a few volleyball events at the high school gym. Then in college, I did intramurals, but decided I wanted to try doing volleyball competitively for once. We had a really fun season! more “More Than Just Volleyball”

Run ‘Em to Death

Intramural basketball has finally arrived, and for the past couple weeks, our team has been in full swing. We have had three games so far, and it’s only going to get more intense. My team consists of me, my roommates Jonathan and Evan, and friend Big Joe, Isaiah, Henry, Noah, and Austin. Great group of guys, many of them in our bible study believe it or not. The first game was by far the best. more “Run ‘Em to Death”

Trying Something New

This past year, it seems as though I have a little bit more time on my hands. I also have started playing volleyball more than I ever have throughout my entire life (if you check out some of my other blogs, you’d see what I mean. I mention it quite a bit). Volleyball has started becoming one of my top sports to play and I’m actually starting to get pretty good at it as well. more “Trying Something New”

Freshman Orientation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year..

That’s right- we just kicked off one of the most eventful weekends of the year on campus.  & what exactly was it?

Freshman Orientation weekend.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what is so great about this particular weekend.  After having to say goodbye to parents and and life as one knew it.. how in the world could freshman orientation be that great?

Well, having a VIP pass into the secrets of Orientation Team planning, I am here to tell you.  As one of 20 Orientation Team members that assembled a week and a half prior to school starting in order to voluntarily spend hours upon hours planning for this four-day weekend event, I can certainly tell you about my experience both as a freshman and a returning student.

Freshman Orientation appeals to a variety of interests and incorporates both educational and social events that allow incoming freshman to adjust to college life, while meeting more people than they could ever try to keep track of.  It’s an incredible time to be free from school work and able to learn what it’s like to live on campus.  Although this weekend can sometimes be a difficult transition for students, the Orientation Team strives to make it comfortable for each individual student.

As a member, we are trained for a week on how to handle difficult situations, and we are interviewed for our position to be Orientation Team members based on our ability to effectively interact with others.

This massive event is not taken lightly at Concordia.  Although we empathize with students who are adjusting, we definitely encourage students to participate in events that might not necessarily feel comfortable at first.  This way, our hope is that the new students will branch out, meet new friends, and start their first year as positively as possible!