End of the Semester

The end of the semester and finals week is creeping closer. It can really sneak up on you, but if you prepare yourself and do not procrastinate, you’ll be on top of everything and it’ll be a breeze. Don’t let finals freak you out. Everyone survives them, and you can too!

Summer Internships

Finding a summer internship is not an easy process, but with careful planning, being open, and trusting God, they are amazing blessings!

From Summer to School

Getting back into the swing of thing is truly a difficult task. I knew it was going to be difficult as a freshman last year because you were meeting all new people, you had completely different schedules from high school, you had to get to know the campus, you had to make sure you knew where you were going every day for class, and so on and so forth going down the long list of things to stress over. I thought this year would be much easier; and although it is a little easier, it’s most definitely not much easier. Going from summer when reading was for leisure, writing papers was a no-go, and free time was every single day to classes starting back up again is definitely a struggle. I know the campus now, for sure, but knowing what books I need to bring when, who I get to each lunch and dinner with, who’s in my classes and who I can ask for help if I need it, knowing other people’s schedules, writing a ton, reading even more, and still trying to find time for a social life is a difficult task. I know as the semester goes along, we all start to get more into a routine which will be extremely sufficient, but until that comes, some days feels like I’m holding on for dear life. Thankfully, I know this really won’t last long, and I know everyone is going through the same thing I am, so we all get to work together and get through this hard first part of the semester together. It’s a lot easier to walk through the halls on a hard day knowing most everyone else is thinking, “Man, the struggle is real right now.” We will survive!

One Last Hoorah

As the year came to a close, my rather large group of crazy friends came together one last time.  As it was the very last night before people began to move home, we sat around for about an hour (which was as much free time as we allowed ourselves during the hectic finals week) and talked about the great times that we had all had together throughout the year.  During this time, we went around in a circle and said our very favorite memory of all of us together.  Mine was our ice-skating adventure at the Pettit Center in Milwaukee on Valentine’s Day.  Although we did not necessarily do things as a giant group all of the time, we had plenty of giant get-togethers that we enjoyed quite a bit. more “One Last Hoorah”

Consistency is Key

I am a planner in most of the areas of my life, and this has shown in the past in many ways. In the past few months, it has shown in looking all the way to summer. I know I’m not the only one and I’m not crazy, but I’m searching for the right job or internship for this upcoming summer so I’ve had a few interviews, mostly for Christian camps in Colorado. I was asked a few times what my favorite aspect about God is. That’s insane! How is one suppose to answer such a hard question? more “Consistency is Key”