End of the Semester

The end of the semester and finals week is creeping closer. It can really sneak up on you, but if you prepare yourself and do not procrastinate, you’ll be on top of everything and it’ll be a breeze. Don’t let finals freak you out. Everyone survives them, and you can too!

The Hiding Place

Finals week is approaching and some serious studying needs to be done. There are papers, tests, and, of course, the finals themselves. There are tons of great places on campus to study, but getting off campus is a great way to shake things up. There is this super cool, “secret” coffee hangout called The Hiding Place. Coffee and caffeine are the driving forces of the college experience, and it is amazing when it can be gotten cheap. At The Hiding Place, they have cheap coffee and variety of options, most for a dollar or less, and it is run by CUW students in a church basement about five minutes away from campus. more “The Hiding Place”

Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying

Studying on campus can get to be a little monotonous or distracting because there is so much going on and, if you live on campus, the whole place becomes home, and it can be hard to focus on homework sometimes when you have been doing it in the same place for so long. Some people may like the routine of studying in the same place every time, but I, personally, like to switch it up and have a change of scenery. Getting off campus helps me, too, because there are less ways for me to go off distractedly and talk to people or clean my room. Instead, I like to go to places, such as coffee shops. There are tons of cool places in the area. more “Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying”

The Art of Studying

There’s really no getting around studying all the time in college.. it’s pretty much the only way to be successful.  For me, some days are much easier to study than others.  On the days that I have to be productive and need to get a lot done, I have to find creative ways to stay focused.

Since I am a science major (occupational therapy specifically), I share many classes with the same people.  For that reason, we have tons of similar assignments and readings.  Instead of always doing my homework and studying alone, I have found a lot of benefit in going to study rooms with my classmates/friends.  I have found that it’s significantly easier to study with people who are doing the same homework as me, rather than those who have completely different classes.  Unless the person I’m studying with is very focused and independent, I usually tend to feel like they are more of a distraction than anything else.

Due to the fact that I have very little free time, I try to be as productive as I can when I have the time to do so.  When I have classmates who are working on the same thing as me (especially difficult classwork such as science lab work), I usually find that they are very helpful in reducing the time it takes for me to do my homework.  With collaborative work, I also find studying to be much more bearable.  Knowing that I have other people who are in my same boat for studying allows me to freely ask questions and feel better about having to be so productive.

And sometimes, our studying just turns into a social time to have fun… and that’s okay too!

Study Spots

You may be surprised to hear it, but, depending on what classes you’re taking, you may have a fair amount of homework and studying to do after just the first week of classes. It is just a part of life in college and you can’t be too surprised if it happens. Especially if you have a high credit load. I, myself, have had a pretty good amount of note taking, reading, and assignments already, but it is nice that there are quite a few different places on campus that you can study. You can try them all out and find which one works for you best, and sometimes you are forced to go to different places because certain ones can get a little busy depending on the time of day and day of the week. There’s always the option to just study in your room-Concordia does provide desks for every resident-but we all know that there can be tons of distractions in your room, or it gets boring being in the same place all of the time.

One of my favorite places to study, often times with a friend, is in the pharmacy building. They have tons of study rooms where you can close the door and be alone (or in a selected group). Some of the rooms are pretty large with round tables, but there are also some small rooms that only fit two people. It’s a pretty popular place to study, and there are classes that go on during the day, so it can get filled pretty easily. Another option is the Landing, which is one of the places that provides food, but it is also the commuters lounge, so there are tons of tables and few cushioned chairs. That place is pretty quiet in the evenings, so it’s good to study there then. All of the residence halls have lounges, and Chemnitz’s lounges are especially good to study in because there is one for every hall, and, in my experience, they have never been too busy with people. Lastly, the main one, is the library. As a worker of the library, I really encourage you to use it. There are books for research, printers readily available, and a quiet section when you need a little more focus. You’re going to have a pretty good amount of stuff to do in college, so it’s important that you find a good place to be able to focus and get stuff done. Luckily, Concordia provides a variety of places for you to do so.

Finals Week

Finals week.. it’s the week that every high schooler dreads before they go to college.  It’s the week that every college students dreads for the whole semester.  It’s the week that every college alumni member talks about being the worst part of college.

For once, though, I didn’t feel a lot of pressure or fear around finals weeks.  In fact, my life was actually a bit simpler during this week.  And honestly, this is because I was fortunate enough to have my finals spaced out evenly throughout the week.  In addition, I had no morning finals, so I was able to sleep in for the week as well. more “Finals Week”