End of the Semester

The end of the semester and finals week is creeping closer. It can really sneak up on you, but if you prepare yourself and do not procrastinate, you’ll be on top of everything and it’ll be a breeze. Don’t let finals freak you out. Everyone survives them, and you can too!

Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying

Studying on campus can get to be a little monotonous or distracting because there is so much going on and, if you live on campus, the whole place becomes home, and it can be hard to focus on homework sometimes when you have been doing it in the same place for so long. Some people may like the routine of studying in the same place every time, but I, personally, like to switch it up and have a change of scenery. Getting off campus helps me, too, because there are less ways for me to go off distractedly and talk to people or clean my room. Instead, I like to go to places, such as coffee shops. There are tons of cool places in the area. more “Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying”