For just about everyone, the first day where wearing shorts is actually comfortable is dreamed about during the long winter months. The tunnels are amazing for those cold and snowy days when going outside is dreadful, but after a while you start to miss fresh air and sunshine on your face every once in a while. The second it gets warm, people are rushing out the doors to soak it all in. Also, the new craze of hammocking took over Concordia this past Saturday with hammocks stretched between the trees that outline the chapel courtyard. The brightly colored swaying furniture lined the sidewalk with content college students inside them, taking in the outdoors once again.

Everyone did their own thing within their portable recliner. Some napped, some read, some did homework in the peaceful atmosphere. Some hammocks contained more than one person at a time, but none of the people inside could possibly have been less than happy. Sunny weather and relaxing in a hammock does that to a person. It makes the homework and projects leading up to the finish line at the end of the semester a little more bearable. I was lucky enough to borrow a friend’s hammock, but I cannot wait to get my own because they are the greatest thing that came to the outdoors (except maybe volleyball), and the trees in the chapel courtyard are line up and spaced out so perfectly, as if they were planted in such a way to allow for hammocking. I can’t wait to get my own and start doing it every day.

Spring Break

For spring break, most people think of Florida and warm, sunny beaches, but not everyone does that and it can still be fun! I just headed back to my house in the metro-Detroit area of Michigan. For those of you that are from Wisconsin or Michigan, even for spring break time is does not feel like spring. I have been wearing my winter coat and it has snowed multiple times since I have been back, and, while snow and cold are not my favorite things, I would not rather be somewhere else. I wish it would be warm here, but I would rather be home with my family instead of somewhere far away and sunny. Part of the reason for that being because I want my break to actually feel like a break. more “Spring Break”

Christmas Break

Haven is my Haven

There’s something really remarkable about being able to come to a place each week where I can take a deep breath, get away from the stress of school, and be in fellowship with many people from my school.  Having a safe haven in college is SO important.. because otherwise it’s not overly difficult to lose your sanity.

Being in the science major that I’m in, I feel academic stress almost all the time.  Studying anatomy has become almost as natural as driving a car because it’s a constant task for me.  Although I enjoy learning about the human body, and I can’t wait to someday become an Occupational Therapist, my levels of anxiety surrounding my major can be pretty high.

more “Haven is my Haven”

Parents Weekend?

Okay, so it wasn’t actually a formal parents weekend.. but when my parents decided to come down last weekend to see me, I considered it a parents weekend.  I find it so interesting how my relationship with my parents has changed considerably since I’ve gotten to college.  In the past, I always had a great relationship with them, but I rarely felt close enough to actually consider them friends of mine.

Now, as a sophomore in college, I truly miss being around my parents all the time.  I actually think of them as two of my best friends, and it’s hard not seeing them anywhere near as much as I used to. My summer back at home made me realize how much I appreciate getting to see them every day.  I miss having family dinners, watching Packers games, and doing homework/work together.  Even though college is such an awesome time in my life, I absolutely cherish the times that I am home now. more “Parents Weekend?”

Girls Night In

“Going out” on a Friday night is an option, but, in my opinion, an even more enjoyable option is to stay in instead.  One reason why I absolutely love to stay at Concordia during the weekend nights is because it finally gives me a chance to chill out and have fun with friends.  Week nights can be fun, but more often than not, they are filled with extracurricular activities, crazy amounts of homework, and people trying to get more than a few hours of sleep that night.  Although all of that can be good and is a part of the college experience, I definitely tend to prefer the nights that my friends and I all sit down together, talk, and just have a chance to be free of responsibilities. more “Girls Night In”