For just about everyone, the first day where wearing shorts is actually comfortable is dreamed about during the long winter months. The tunnels are amazing for those cold and snowy days when going outside is dreadful, but after a while you start to miss fresh air and sunshine on your face every once in a while. The second it gets warm, people are rushing out the doors to soak it all in. Also, the new craze of hammocking took over Concordia this past Saturday with hammocks stretched between the trees that outline the chapel courtyard. The brightly colored swaying furniture lined the sidewalk with content college students inside them, taking in the outdoors once again.

Everyone did their own thing within their portable recliner. Some napped, some read, some did homework in the peaceful atmosphere. Some hammocks contained more than one person at a time, but none of the people inside could possibly have been less than happy. Sunny weather and relaxing in a hammock does that to a person. It makes the homework and projects leading up to the finish line at the end of the semester a little more bearable. I was lucky enough to borrow a friend’s hammock, but I cannot wait to get my own because they are the greatest thing that came to the outdoors (except maybe volleyball), and the trees in the chapel courtyard are line up and spaced out so perfectly, as if they were planted in such a way to allow for hammocking. I can’t wait to get my own and start doing it every day.

Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying

Studying on campus can get to be a little monotonous or distracting because there is so much going on and, if you live on campus, the whole place becomes home, and it can be hard to focus on homework sometimes when you have been doing it in the same place for so long. Some people may like the routine of studying in the same place every time, but I, personally, like to switch it up and have a change of scenery. Getting off campus helps me, too, because there are less ways for me to go off distractedly and talk to people or clean my room. Instead, I like to go to places, such as coffee shops. There are tons of cool places in the area. more “Fiddleheads’ Coffee and Studying”

Study Spots

You may be surprised to hear it, but, depending on what classes you’re taking, you may have a fair amount of homework and studying to do after just the first week of classes. It is just a part of life in college and you can’t be too surprised if it happens. Especially if you have a high credit load. I, myself, have had a pretty good amount of note taking, reading, and assignments already, but it is nice that there are quite a few different places on campus that you can study. You can try them all out and find which one works for you best, and sometimes you are forced to go to different places because certain ones can get a little busy depending on the time of day and day of the week. There’s always the option to just study in your room-Concordia does provide desks for every resident-but we all know that there can be tons of distractions in your room, or it gets boring being in the same place all of the time.

One of my favorite places to study, often times with a friend, is in the pharmacy building. They have tons of study rooms where you can close the door and be alone (or in a selected group). Some of the rooms are pretty large with round tables, but there are also some small rooms that only fit two people. It’s a pretty popular place to study, and there are classes that go on during the day, so it can get filled pretty easily. Another option is the Landing, which is one of the places that provides food, but it is also the commuters lounge, so there are tons of tables and few cushioned chairs. That place is pretty quiet in the evenings, so it’s good to study there then. All of the residence halls have lounges, and Chemnitz’s lounges are especially good to study in because there is one for every hall, and, in my experience, they have never been too busy with people. Lastly, the main one, is the library. As a worker of the library, I really encourage you to use it. There are books for research, printers readily available, and a quiet section when you need a little more focus. You’re going to have a pretty good amount of stuff to do in college, so it’s important that you find a good place to be able to focus and get stuff done. Luckily, Concordia provides a variety of places for you to do so.

On-Campus Job

So classes started January 23rd, after a nice long winter break if you did not take a Winterim course, but I came back on the 14th because I had job training for the week before classes started. It was nice to have an excuse to come back a week early, plus I was happy to have an on-campus job (other than this wonderful job of student blogger) to get some more money. When you are in college you understand the constant need to make money, it’s inevitable at this point in life to low on cash. I got my job in the library which, despite the days of training it required, is a pretty simple job. more “On-Campus Job”


Coming into college it seemed that all of my conversations had a parent or teacher telling me how different college would be. And not to be rude, but I already knew that. I knew that life would be different away from home. I knew that my mom wasn’t going to be making dinner for me anymore. I knew that classes were going to be a little harder, but I don’t think I prepared myself for the workload. more “THE GRIND”

Preparing for Finals

For me, the two weeks after Thanksgiving break can be the most chaotic, hectic and stressful times.

I’m so focused on studying for quizzes, tests and practicals for those two weeks, and then I’m stressing over finals the after those two weeks. Honestly, it’s a lot to handle in only two weeks.

Managing my time has to be a huge priority. I know that some people always wait to the last minute to do everything at once. They may have a paper, a test and a project due on the same day, and will begin the day before. To me, that’s the worst possible thing you could do to yourself. more “Preparing for Finals”