Holy Week: Part 1

Holy Week is a time of the year that many people don’t realize even exists, but for many Christians, it is a time of emotional rollercoasters. It starts off with Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. more “Holy Week: Part 1”

Different Jesuses

Christmas Eve worship services are some of my favorite services of the whole year! One of them is our kids service, which the message is basically a massive children’s message with all the kids going to the front. The next is the Seven Lessons and Carols with Scripture passages, personal reflections, and carols. And the last one is a traditional service with a message from the pastor. I didn’t always go to this one, but it’s our Candlelight worship service and it has become one of the best. more “Different Jesuses”

A Good Day on a Bad Day

This weekend, we celebrated again the rising of our Lord and Savior from the grave, defeating death and the devil. What saddens me is when people only go to this service and completely forget about the Good Friday service. I want to ask them, “How did Jesus get in the grave?” Although I don’t condemn them for not going (obviously!), I want to encourage those people to attend those worship services they usually don’t, including Good Friday. more “A Good Day on a Bad Day”

First Easter Away

This Easter was historical for me because it was the first Easter I was not at home. Thankfully, I have family in Minnesota so I was able to spend my time away from home with them! The weekend started with a five-and-a-half-hour drive with my brother and another friend (who we would drop off in the Twin Cities with her family…yeah carpooling!). more “First Easter Away”